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ATTENTION: Delinquent Member Clubs


August 15 is the deadline for payment of 2005 MFPI membership due. Those who failed to pay on the said date, kindly express your intention to the undersigned at 09173006616 or with Manny Yu at 09178528460.

Also, please visit the mfpi website at to view the tarpaulins being given out to the updated member clubs. Note: only those who have settled their dues could avail of the said tarpaulin. Refer your inquiries regarding its distribution to the membership committee.

As mentioned, sanctions will be imposed to delinquent member clubs who were not able or continue to refuse to pay the membership due. Please wait for further announcements.

For inquiries or feedback, please refer to the numbers above-mentioned.

Corp. Secretary


Gen. Nakar Tree Planting Project Report

General Nakar Information at a Glance

General Nakar is considered to be a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. It lies on the northern part and four-hour drive from Manila. It has a total population of approximately 24,000 people in 4,600 households.

The province has a total land area of 134,390 hectares and overwhelmingly forested. It used to be the home of the very few remaining forest reserve of the country since 95 % of the total area is within the Sierra Madre range, the longest ione in the country.

General Nakar is one of the provinces hit by landslides and flash floods by typhoons Unding, Violeta, Yoyong and Winnie last November and December 2004.

What is General Nakar Tree Nurturing Project?

The General Nakar Tree Planting Project is a continuation of the recently concluded projects: Agos River Buffer Zone, book drive and school  rehabilitation and the joint-relief endeavors right after the disaster in November – December 2004.

As part of the Federation’s social responsibility, this initiative aims to have a continual collaborative effort within the municipality with a long-term substantive output results for the rehabilitation of a healthy and productive river bank and forest for the community. However, due to the catasthrophe’s vast effect on nature, the project is limited to zone that functions as an immediate protection from active bank erosion.

Long term benefits of the Project: Soil conservation, erosion control in the Agos riverbank, wildlife habitat and provision of a long-term income diversification.


Ms. Leonarda Camacho
UNESCO Commission on Science and Technology
UNESCO Man and Biosphere Philippines

Mr. Robbie Cereno
Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems-UP Los Banos (MCME-LB)


Ms. Naoko Sato
The Daily Manila Shimbum

Mr. Manny “Boy” Tecson
Channel News Asia

Local Government Unit

Honorable Hernando P. Avellaneda Sr. – Mayor
Jing Ostejeda – Municipal Environmental Officer (MENRO)
Antonio Diwa – CENRO ( Real, Infanta, Gen. Nakar, Pulilio, Bordeos, Panukulan
Addisalem S. Larindes – PG-ENRO


MFPI volunteers

a) July 21-24 = 44 pax
b) July 30-31 = 24 pax

Local community

a) July 21-24 =  100 pax
b) July 30-31 =    30 pax

Areas Covered

a) July 21 – Brgy Anoling, Binuang, Minahan Norte
b) July 22 – Brgy. Bitangan
c) July 23 – Smart Amazing Village/Gawad Kalinga Housing site
d) July 30 – Brgy. Anoling Binuang, Minahan Norte

Inventory of seedlings

a) July 21-24 = 5,000 seedlings arrived from General Romeo Tolentino of Fort Magsaysay. All were planted with the help of both MFPI and local volunteers during the 4 day operation.

– Falcatta or paper tree
– Mahogany
– Mulberry
– Rain tree

b) July 30 – 31 = 3,500 seedlings from General Tolentino of Fort Magsaysay. MCME-UPLB brought 170 seedlings. 500 seedlings were planted by Mfpi and local volunteers.

– Lauan
– Amugis
– Tindalo
– Ipil
– Kamachile

August 2005 Minutes

Pioneer Grill, Pioneer Centre, Mandaluyong City
August 3, 2005
7:00 pm


I. MEMCOM (Manny Yu)

– Advised that President’s report will be done at the tail end of the meeting since a joint statement will be made with Scapi President Julius Cortes who is on the way

– Reminder to delinquent clubs to settle their dues by Aug 15 extension of deadline. See attachments for Tarpaulin handover to paid clubs

– Paid clubs to submit logo in corel or jpeg format for tarpaulin printing

– Gen. Nakar tree planting project report held on July 21–24 & 30-31

– This marks the launch of The Sierra Madre Reforestation Program with Unesco Philippines. See attached file for full detail.

II. EDUCOM/MTB (Elmer Cabotage)

– BMC schedule announcement

– Special BMC to be conducted in SBMA & residence of nearby provinces

– August 13-14 – Sembrano climb by BMC group 12 & 13

– October – BMC Instructor LNT certification


– Changes in the qualification/requirement for MPFI SAR training application (must be a degree holder)

IV. WAYS & MEANS COM (Ice Morales)

– SOS for manual – volunteers will be included in the acknowledgement list (posterity)

– Invitation to submit cover design for the BMC manual

– Invitation to submit name & graphic design for the on-line store

– On-going invitation to look for advertisers for the BMC manual with incentives

V. VP LUZON (Manny Yu for Dodie Principe)

– On-going invitation to join the Sierra Madre Mapping project team.

– AVP of the Gen. Nakar tree planting project by UP ORG

– Outcome of the project


A. Invitation to join the tree planting project in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija on August 20-21, 2005 (Manny Yu)

– Open for volunteers w/ allowance for transport. (120 pax target)

– Post advertisement for the project on MFPI yahoogroups

B. Wawa Dam Access Development Issue (Regie Pablo & Julius Cortez)

– Private property after the hanging bridge-donation only

– Charged of 500 php for mountaineers & picnickers (dam, sanctuary)

– Go to Aling Norma before climbing

– Will try to talk or have a dialogue with the tourism council of Montalban to resolve this issue.

– The past MFPI presidents are having talks on how to address this issue about Wawa Montalban because MFPI are the ones who have developed the area

– A new site is being considered for development by the MFPI within Rizal area, *wait for further announcement

– Advisory : Members are advised to temporarily refrain from going to Wawa

C. Training certificate for all who have undergone BMC in cooperation with MFPI, PAPCI & SCAPI (Regie Pablo & Julius Cortez)

– Ask for a minimal fee on printing

– Will maintain a data base for their monitoring

– Inclusive on club & regular members

D. Handover of complementary tarpaulin with club names and logo to paid clubs (Regie Pablo)

– See attached file for the handover of tarpaulin to NWORC & UP-ORG

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

AVP for Gen Nakar Tree Planting Project was played throughout the remainder of the evening.

Prepared by: Thet Trajano
Checked and Approved by: Manny Yu


MFPI Search & Rescue Team

To all interested:

The Mountain Safety Committee Team would like to inform all MFPI Club Members and Regular Members, that the Committee is officially opening its opportunities to all who would like to be a part of the MFPI Search and Rescue Training Program.

For those who are interested you may email your applications in a resume format to


– The training programs are exclusively for MFPI Club Members and MFPI Regular Member’s.
– Acceptance of applicants or the duration period for recruitment will take one to two months for all Regions.
– The Committee will select 50 applicants who will go through a physically screening for 30 days.
– Out of 50 applicants the Committee will then choose 30 applicants who will qualify for the final series of training programs.
– After the successful completion of all training courses and exams, the remaining 30 elite will undergo a Practical Test and Re-evaluation. This will ascertain if the applicant has the ability to put into practical application and all the theories introduced throughout the courses and will be categorized as a Regular Rescue Volunteer of MFPI Search and Rescue Team.
– The entire MFPI Search and Rescue Training Program will summarily take 9 months to 1 year.


– Must be a MFPI Regular Member
– Physically / Mentally Fit
– 20 – 35 ages
– College Graduate with Good Moral Character and can comprehend both English and Filipino language
– Good Visual Acuity is Essential
– Driver’s License (optional) is an advantage
– Applicants must pass the Written and Oral Examination

Mark Murcia
MFPI Mountain Safety Committee

Reminder of Membership Due

August 3, 2005


This has reference to the annual membership due for the year 2005.

As of this writing, a number of clubs have still failed and continue to refuse to pay their membership due for the year. This in spite of the repeated reminders announced and posted.

In this regard, we are therefore giving this last and final reminder for payment. Failure to pay by AUGUST 15, 2005 will result to disciplinary sanctions. Delinquent clubs will be posted at the MFPI website and egroups and may eventually be expelled from the federation.

The membership committee will be giving out tokens of membership for updated organizations.

You may remit your payment at the MFPI account at UCPB SA#158 1057 160. Kindly hold on to your deposit slips for verification.

For inquiries, feedback or clarification you may reach the undersigned at 09173006616 or Manny Yu at 09178528460 and

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Corp. Secretary