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MFPI Annual Congress

MFPI Annual National Congress
La Carlota City, Negros Occidental
April 28 – 30, 2011


32nd annual congress now open for registration

please visit for details abouth the annual congress to be held in bacolod city.

Please be announced that registration is now open.
those who wish to attend the climbing events are advised to register early as the slots are limited in compliance with the MKNP rules and leave no trace ethics. since the climbs will only be limited to a few hikers, only official delegates by the clubs shall be admitted.

there are four routes to choose from with each route catering to hikers with unique set of specialization and schedule. however as earlier announced and reiterated members in good standing are given preference in some of the climbs. therefore the following members are given a one (1) month lead to register on ROUTES A and B starting today. After February 14, 2011 the routes will be opened to other members.

ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING: TMC, GEO, NWORC, Fujitsu, Outdoor Addicts, SEGA, UP Org, GAC, SMOC, NMC, UPM, Batangas Backpackers, COAT, CEMS, MPTAI and USCM. You may now register for routes A and B.

other members may now register for ROUTES C and D or the basecamp activities.

As to the instructors training, each member is entitled to two official delegates. Guideline for this will follow.

Registration fee for the climbing activities is P 800.00 while registration fee for basecamp activities is P 500.00. Unpaid or non-members will have to pay an additional P 50.00 on top of the declared registration fees.

Below is the steps for online registration:
1. choose the route you want to join
2. fill up online registration form
3. application for registration will be processed by the secretariat
4. notice of approval with attached individual data sheet will be emailed to the approved registrant signifying approval of registation
5. approved registrant will pay the pertinent registration fee at the host club’s bank account (to be announced)
6. confirmed registrant will be posted at the website.

registration fee is non-refundble


national officers meeting and reunion

calling all the officers of the MFPI for the second national meeting in Cebu City on January 15, 2011, 10:00AM at Ramon Vidal’s place in Cebu City. incidentally, the original MFPI “bad boys” will also have a general reunion at Cebu City on the same date and venue. urging all concerned persons to attend to help chart the direction of the MFPI and to renew old ties. for additional details, please contact the undersigned at 09173006616.