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president’s message

first off, i would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the team of jay and charmy, both from higher ground and talahib mountaineering clubs in iloilo. their unselfish and gallant help made the national board meeting possible.

i would also like to thank all the board members for coming… except for one whose mother was having a birthday celebration, everyone made it to the meeting in alubihod, guimaras. i could proudly say that this is a first in the modern history of the fed to have all the officers gathered for a meeting. i would also like to thank our resource persons and the rest of the officers for coming. i could say that we were able to achieve something substantial and significant despite the little time we had.

this a start of something beautiful… we are aware of the issues and challenges facing us. however, since we have just barely settled down to our respective roles and task, i ask that you give us a chance to work. we are not deaf and blind to your concerns. however please remember also that it takes two to tango. we could not be effective if you refuse to cooperate. to those who are opposed to the mfpi, its best that you stay outside so that the rest of us could enjoy the camaraderie and warmth of our fellow mountaineers inside the federation without your negative and unhealthy interference or attention-grabbing antics. but we are not closing our doors to you should you eventually decide to rejoin this brotherhood which is the mfpi.

the board has decided to grant autonomous powers to the regional officers. in line with this, the office of the VP has been strengthened and empowered. the president could not be all over at the same time hence his powers has been delegated to the VP’s. the VP’s are the executive and administrative officers of your region. by empowering them, the office of the mfpi has been brought closer to you. hence they could immediately address your concerns without the bureacratic red tape. the presidents and the rest of the board could not fully relate or empathize to the uniqueness of any concern that may emanate from your region, hence the VP’s are the persons most competent to provide specialized answers and create programs that are effective. moreover, the regions are given fiscal autonomy in line with the autnomous powers granted to the officers. the office of the VP could not function without funds. they are also required to provide regular reports in order to promote transparency and confidence among the members. the VP’s are given latitude to create sub-offices under their office in order to fully reach out to the all the members within the region. the new VP’s are: Roy Palma for Luzon, Ramon Vidal for Cebu and Jun Baccus for Mindanao. it was earlier announced that Danny Sayson was the VP for Mindanao but due to his other commitments, he stepped down in favor of Jun. i appeal to everyone to extend their support to the VP’s. address your concerns directly to your VP’s. i will not entertain you unless you have gone first to your VP. the national board officers exercise supervision and control of the office of the VP therefore any complaint against official acts of the VP shall be addressed to board.

we have also strengthened the committees and appointed persons most comptent to handle the task and duties of their respective committees. it is our aim to upgrade and standardize the mountaineering skills level of our members. hence the educational committee and the mountain training board has been abolished and in their stead, the technical committee has been created and headed by jong narciso. one of the projects that will be initiated by this committee is the instructors training which will be held sometime late this year or early next year.

another is the revival of the ways and means committee whose task is the management of the funds of the mfpi. this is headed by ice morales. the P.R.O. has also been revived and headed by yay ortega. the corporate secretary is shey guttierrez who is also the concurrent national head of the membership committee. special projects was also created and is headed by dodie principe. we are also thinking of creating a para-legal team to focus mostly on environmental issues and I.P. concerns. while this plan is still nebulous, atty. twyla rubin of UPM has agreed to help and has committed to create a framework to advance this end.

with the appointment of new committee heads, all previous committee members are now deemed removed unless re-appointed by the new heads.

as ive said, it takes two to tango. therefore i also challenge the members to show their support to the fed by paying for your membership dues. we have agreed to waive the the arrears and you are only asked to pay for your dues for the year 2010. we have extended the deadline to fall on the mid-year congress in tiwi, albay this october. this is to enable you to raise the amount of P2,000.00 which represents your due for the year. should you fail to comply with this directive after the deadline, the officers have agreed to “de-friend” you and your club in our facebook accounts.
again i request everyone to submit their updated club profile. as of now only COAT has complied with this not so difficult request.

please keep posted for further announcements. more power to you and to the mfpi.

best regards,
genesis bolauro