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Bayanihan sa Kanawan MFPI IM Batch 21 Project

Hi Everyone,

Please support our project. Thanks!!!

Project Scope:

At the jump-off of Kairukan Falls is the humble community village of Sitio Kanawan.  Although Kairukan Falls generates interest from many mountain climbers, the village is in need of support both in generating income as well as education.

The project is two fold:

* Renovation of two bathrooms – to provide a clean and functional bathroom in order to generate income from visitors.
– One bowl is broken – need to replace
– Other bowl to be cleaned
– Needs piping for water
– Lighting
– Extension of flooring just outside the bathroom
– Education & School Supplies – to promote education and provide adequate materials for the children of the community’s school.
* School needing books, supplies, etc.

It is our aim to establish a sustainable program/project that deals with the community’s needs as well as aids them in being self-sustaining and self-sufficient.

We hope you join us in supporting the community of Sitio Kanawan.


Sitio Kanawan


May 5-6, 2007


Php 600.00

Included in Project:

– Project Scope (construction & education track)
– T-shirt
– ID
– Certificate
– Guide fee for climb to Kairukan falls
– Two-way transportation from Olongappo to Sitio Kanawan


Monday, April 23, 2007

* NO PRE-CLIMB – NO CLIMB implemented


Please fill up the attached registration form and bring it to the Pre-climb along with the registration fee of Php 600.00


Lloyd Grad –
Arnel (Jr) Amador – 

Arneljr. (ATMC, Batch21)


Tulong sa Madlum


Tulong sa Madlum
March 17-18, 2007

Have you ever felt sheer excitement about things to come, without knowing whether it will do well or bad?

On 17 march 2007 at, 3:30am, the SAGA Mountaineers arrived at the assembly point at Baliwag Transit Terminal in Cubao, Quezon City. From there we were joined by our Group Representative Sir John Rolan Cruz together with Sir Emmanuel “Maning” Licudine of Outdoor Addicts. Maning and his crew helped the project by fillingin for the other batch members, that are busy from school and work. Together with John, they exerted enough effort to attain our goal.

At 5:15 am, the bus was occupied with people from various walk of life–from student to professional–we converged with one purpose, the TULONG SA MADLUM,” a project of Regular members of Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI) group 20 consisting of Medical Mission, Book Drive, and a Feeding Program at Sitio Madlum Brgy. Sibul San Miguel, Bulacan.

It was an honor to the entire group 20 that the President of MFPI Mr. Reggie Pablo graced the project.

Upon arriving at the town proper of San Miguel Bulacan the group was picked up by a dump truck that was scheduled for Sitio Madlum. Everyone had a taste of adventure. It was a bumpy ride through a dusty road with dangling electric wires and tree branches.

At 9:05 a.m., we finally arrived at Brg. Sibul Sitio Madlum. The advance party was fully prepared. The books were already loaded at the jeep scheduled for transport to the schools and daycare center of Sito Madlum. The smell of freshly cooked Macaroni Soup “sopas” greeted the group. As the children were fed,the doctors, and nurses did check-ups for the locals. The general check-up included blood pressure assessment and distribution of prescribed medicines and vitamins courtesy of Bulacan Congresswoman Connie Dy, Medical Center Trading Corp., and BJR Paramedic Trading.

After a scrumptious lunch, all the participants went to the Bayukbok Cave where we faced holes not lower than 1 foot.

After caving, We went back to our camp, which was in an open area of abandoned rice field with its center as our social area. It was an ideal place for some 300 tents to be pitched. The socials included a raffle of mountaineering gears and gift certificates courtesy of the sponsors.

The next day, most of the group members hiked and rappelled. Some chose to stay by the river and take a dip at the cold running water of Sitio Madlum. The water is cooled by the massive walls of rocks, boulders, and cliffs that casts a shade around it.

We will not only Leave a Trace on trails and campsites, but we will use our experiences to better our values and wisdom and leave a mark in the MFPI community.LEAVE NO TRACE…

MFPI-RM grp20 is composed of both Outdoor Addicrs, Saga Mountaineers and some freelance climbers. We would like to thank the following : Mr. Regie Pablo, MFPI president for observing and joining our cause on the two day events of our project. Mr. Dodie Principe, VP-Luzon MFPI, for supporting us. Mr. Mar Melendrez BMC instructor-luzon, for encouraging and teaching us the correct values not only in the mountains but in life as well. Ms. Ruby Estillore MFPI MEMCOM -Luzon, for aiding us in the time of desperation. To the member clubs of MFPI and freelance climbers who helped our project possible. Mr. Allan Nubla RN,MAN, MFPI-grp8, who encouraged and thought us life lessons not only in the four walls of the classroom. Our sponsors: Sir Ed’s Outdoor, Outdoor Addicts, UIAA, Vibal Publishing House Inc., Oriental Frieght International Inc., Penanshin, Nestle, and the different outdoor shops such as Montanara, Conquer, and Apexus, The Medical Tradings Corp., BJR Pharamedic Trading, Mr. Richard Gali of RM-grp16,Mr. Jhun Garcia, and Mrs. Nenita Vicitation, RN, MAN of Makati City Hall, Congresswoman Connie Dy of Bulacan. GOD, The Almighty Creator of the all things great and mysterious. We owe a lot to Him, for he is th reason why we have different purposed in life with one goal and one cause. We will forever be the peace keepers and health providers of our fellow brethrens who are in need of our attention.

Monthly FED Meeting

From: ruby estillore <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 03:09:44 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [mfpi] Monthly FED Meeting

Happy Easter to all….

Our monthly FED meeting is on April 12, 2007, 7:30 pm at Supico Bar and Restaurant (same venue).The Agenda are as follows:

1. Tulong sa Madlum Project
2. 2nd Luzon Summit (anyone fr PALMC can report on this matter)
3. The 28th Congress to be held in Dumaguete City on April 26-29, 2007
4. Other MFPI matters



Revised Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form for the 28th Congress

All, attached are the revised proxy form and notice of meeting with the correct title.