MFPI Search & Rescue Team

To all interested:

The Mountain Safety Committee Team would like to inform all MFPI Club Members and Regular Members, that the Committee is officially opening its opportunities to all who would like to be a part of the MFPI Search and Rescue Training Program.

For those who are interested you may email your applications in a resume format to


– The training programs are exclusively for MFPI Club Members and MFPI Regular Member’s.
– Acceptance of applicants or the duration period for recruitment will take one to two months for all Regions.
– The Committee will select 50 applicants who will go through a physically screening for 30 days.
– Out of 50 applicants the Committee will then choose 30 applicants who will qualify for the final series of training programs.
– After the successful completion of all training courses and exams, the remaining 30 elite will undergo a Practical Test and Re-evaluation. This will ascertain if the applicant has the ability to put into practical application and all the theories introduced throughout the courses and will be categorized as a Regular Rescue Volunteer of MFPI Search and Rescue Team.
– The entire MFPI Search and Rescue Training Program will summarily take 9 months to 1 year.


– Must be a MFPI Regular Member
– Physically / Mentally Fit
– 20 – 35 ages
– College Graduate with Good Moral Character and can comprehend both English and Filipino language
– Good Visual Acuity is Essential
– Driver’s License (optional) is an advantage
– Applicants must pass the Written and Oral Examination

Mark Murcia
MFPI Mountain Safety Committee


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