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Akyat Aklat Pasasalamat


Last November, me and three group members decided to go to Cambulo, Ifugao to do an acular. For a project. For a requirement. For an MFPI I.D. We have a project, we announced to a certain barangay official and some curious mothers with chidren lurking from behind the wooden benches. Then we get to a dialogue. And for a while, we knew that we have a purpose in going to Cambulo than just a membership in mountaineering federation. It wasn’t Divine intervention, or it might be, but something made us realize that day. And that’s giving back something to our brothers and sisters in the far-flung area like Cambulo where its people still live in its ancient culture and ways.

Last January 13, we came back to Cambulo. This time, there are 58 of us. All loaded with our simple gift of books and school supplies. That day was liberating. And until this day, we feel the joy of sharing that we hope will continue to shine on us in our future climbs.

In behalf of the ALAPAAP MOUNTAINEERS, Lance, Benjie and Jun of Batch 16, let me take this opportunity to thank our friends and sponsors who helped us in making AKYAT-AKLAT fulfill its promise to the children of Cambulo :

* Ms Christine Aguila of PLDT
* CBLIC Finance, Marketing , Legal and Claims Dept.
* SPI Technologies
* Blue Fairies Bar
* Flexideal
* Filmex
* Nestle, Phils.
* Ma’am Allen
* Sir Jojo Andrada
* Sir Paulo
* Subic Mountaineering Club
* Sabit Mountaineers
* MFPI Individual Members
* BMC Group16
* Friends of ALAPAAP Mountaineers

Special thanks to the members of Guys4Mountains for bringing-in the fun part in this endeavor. Thank you for sharing the tears and laughters with us.

Salamat Sir Budz, I never realize that you’d really go out your way to carry that 30 volumes of encyclopedia. ..binuhat mo raw? As the teachers have told me, pati high school students na taga-Cambulo, makikinabang sa regalo mo.
Ma’am Ruby and Sir Mar, Salamat for the guidance.

Sir Reggie and Sir Dodie, Salamat for believing in us. I hope we didn’t fail you.

I would like to say thank you sa aking mga kapatid, anak, anak-anakan at anak sa labas sa Alapaap Mountaineers, without you guys, lost ang inyong nanay. Salamat for the support and trust that you’ve given me. Ang aming grupo po ay solid from BMC pa lang at nanganak pa nung ginagawa na ang aming project. Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

We would like to tell the story of Cambulo over and over again to make us humble in heart and big in spirit. This is our social responsibility. We can all make a difference. Umpisahan mo sa isang libro, sa isang lapis. Let us be mountaineers with a heart.

Group Representative – BMC 19/ ALAPAAP MOUNTAINEERS