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BMC Schedule

As for inquiries regarding mountaineering equipment, BMCs offer a module on equipment which are virtual outdoor product presentations. Experienced trainors can give you sound advise and firsthand information on the basic equipment you need. Remember expensive doesn’t mean it’s effective and designs from branded products may not suit your taste. Make sure it can withstand our harsh tropical environment.

Elmer Cabotage

Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc.
Education Committee
2009 Schedule of Basic Mountaineering Course

Basic Mountaineering Course Mindanao – Davao City
Date: September. 26-27, 2009
Contact Persons: Reina Bontuyan
Email: viajerooutdoors@
Phone no: 0917-7081568
Instructor: TBA

Basic Mountaineering Course- 24th Mid-Year Federation Climb & President’s Meeting – Tarlac
Date: October 21-24, 2009
Contact Person: Jacquiline G. Laruan
Phone no: 0919-8291139 / 0915-6455088
Instructor: TBA

Basic Mountaineering Course – Luzon (NCR)
Date: November 21-22, 2009 (date changed from previous post)
Contact Person: Shey Gutierrez
Phone no: 0920-9676744
Instructor: Regie Pablo

Basic Mountaineering Course Visayas
Date November 21-22, 2009
Contact Person: Alan Salazar
Email: paniktrek@yahoo. com
Phone no: 0917-3353260; 412-2310
Instructor: Nino Capangpangan

Basic Mountaineering Course – Mindanao Forum
Date: December 2009
Contact Person: Reina Bontuyan
Hosted by: TBA
Instructor: Eric Bontuyan

Interested parties may inquire or request for BMC and other programs through the following MFPI EduCom coordinators:

NCR and Northern Luzon
Elmer Cabotage 0918-9335241

Southern Luzon
Mar Melendres 0917-5259798

Bicol Region
George Cordovilla 0915-4224508

Eastern and Central Visayas Region
Alan Salazar 0905-2763403

Western Visayas Region
Genesis Bolauro 0917-3006616

North Western and Central Mindanao Region
Reina Bontuyan 0917-7081568

Eastern Mindanao Region
Danny Sayson 0929-3908244