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August 2006 Minutes


1. New partnership and endeavor
MFPI is partnering with Bantay Kalikasan for a signature campaign to turn La Mesa Waterdam a protected area.  the endeavor is in need of 5M signatures, currently…it only has 100,000.

let us help in this campaign.

2. Member benefits

Columbia – 15% discount for cash purchases but only on store that are inside malls, just present your updated MFPI ID

Med Central – the official medical provider of the Everest Team is now also the official medical provider of MFPI. They are giving a discounted rate for general checkup as well as specialized needs. exact figures will be posted soon

the second skills olympics is here!! November 25-26 in san jose, tarlac.  please reserve this weekend!!

the events are: orienteering; stove handling; tent pitching; first aid; climb-a-thon…and something else i forgot. exact IT and list of events will be posted soon

for those who have contacts with sponsors, please let me know and i will provide you with the marketing papers

4. BMC Manual
is for printing already

5. Certificates
MFPI will facilitate printing already

Prepared by:
Ice Morales


Minutes of the 27th MFPI Congress Climb

HELD ON APRIL 22, 2005
The meeting started at around 4:30PM with GENESIS G. BOLAURO and ALFREDO B. PRINCIPE presiding.

The following MFPI organizations were present during the roll call:

1. ADUMS                         11. NEGROS MOUNTAINEERING CLUB
2. AMOC                          12. NWORC
3. APU-MALE                      13. PALMC
4. CAMP                          14. PINAKBET
6. EARTH ISLAND                  16. SSOC
8. HALMS                         18. UPM
10. MESAU                        20. UST

After the roll call was finished, Mr. John Fortes inquired as to the necessity of calling the clubs when it was the individuals who compose the Congress.

Genesis replied that courtesy dictates that the clubs present be acknowledged considering that it was a required information in the registration form and ID’s.

After which Genesis proceeded with the reading of the minutes of the MFPI President’s meeting held at Camotes Island, Cebu on October 21, 2005.

After the reading of the minutes, John Fortes inquired of the need to approve the minutes. When replied with an affirmative, he moved to approve the minutes which was duly seconded by the body.

Mr. Fortes then inquired as to the status of the measures agreed on during the meeting in Camotes. Genesis replied that they will be implemented in stages and that the guidelines have yet to be finalized considering that some members of the committee are still out of the country, namely, Regie Pablo and Manny Yu.

Mr. Fortes then inquired whether Mr. Yu is in communication with the rest of the officers of the MFPI. Genesis replied that he is in constant communication with Mr. Yu through email and text messages.

After which, Ruby Estillore of the Membership Committee presented the new ID design and announced the members of the Committee per Region as:

1. Ruby Estillore – Luzon

2. Michelle Montenegro – Visayas

3. Alvin “Binoe” Tabamo – Mindanao

Thereafter, Luzon-VP Alfredo Principe invited everyone to avail of the free copy of the MFPI newsletter – COMPASS, which is being distributed and proceeded to discuss the following:

1. Sierra Madre rehabilitation project – He explained the dynamics and concerns of said project. He again invited interested  Clubs/Orgs to be part of the project.  Mr. John Fortes expressed their willingness to pitch in.

2. Luzon Summit – He announced the creation of the Luzon Summit which will be hosted by Hagahag Mountaineering Club on June 9-11, 2006 in Camarines Sur. Joyce Dulce of Isarog Mountaineering Club invited everyone to join the event.

3. Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor – Explained the role of MFPI as a stakeholder in the said project, which is headed by Miriam P.E.A.C.E.

4. He also gave an update on the on-going Rehabilitation and Buffer Zone program in General Nakar wherein MFPI members act as a work force.

After the report of Mr. Principe, Genesis called a representative from the PALMC to address the body:

1. Mr. John Fortes took the floor and apologized on behalf of the PALMC for the behavior of Mr. Tani Wenceslao during the Congress;

2. Tani Wenceslao followed and personally apologized for his actuations which caused inconvenience to the host and the participants.

After which, Mike Luis of the host club PINAKBET, took the floor and graciously accepted their apologies. He then announced the program for the night which consist of: cultural show, free dinner and performance by a local band. He also announced the scheduled departure of the free buses the following day.

Genesis then called for the submission of the proxy forms for verification and proceeded to give the guidelines for electing the Board of Trustees, to wit:

1. Those to be elected should represent Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

2. Only eligible regular members are allowed to vote.

3. Candidates shall be elected by the body at large.

After the guidelines was laid out, a question was posed whether those absent could be nominated. Genesis replied that this is permissible as long as the one who made the nomination could show proof that the nominee consents to the nomination.

Dom Goduco asked whether two people from the same club could be nominated. Genesis replied that there is no rule that prohibits this. Mr. Goduco then cited the case of their member, Elmer Cabotaje who was prohibited by their club after having endorsed another member, Rudy Bartolome, to run for the Board. Genesis replied that this is an inter-club matter and that the MFPI could not prevent a person from running as long as that person is eligible.

When there were no more questions raised, the table was opened for the nomination of the three Board of Trustees. Among those nominated were as follows:

1. Luzon – Rudy Bartolome of PALMC, Ely Cadang of SSOC and Elmer Cabotaje of PALMC.

2. Visayas – Eugene Abarquez of CAMP and Toto Antipaso of MPTAI

3. Mindanao – Only Deneb Edoc of AMOC was nominated.

Dom Goduco protested the nomination of Elmer Cabotaje saying that the latter is absent and thus it could not be ascertained whether he consents to the nomination. Genesis replied that he received an email from Mr. Cabotaje expressing his intention to be considered for the Board. After which Mr. Goduco expressed his objection. This was noted by Genesis but the nomination of Mr. Cabotaje was still sustained.

After the nomination, the candidates were given an opportunity to present their platform and program for the MFPI. Genesis then announced those in-charge of the election as: Yay Ortega and Ruby Estillore. He then called on for a five-minute break.

After the meeting was resumed, Genesis called for the submission of the ballots which was received by Yay Ortega and Ruby Estillore. After the table was closed, Board Member Roy Palma proceeded with the counting and tabulation of the ballots which resulted to the following winners:

1. Luzon – Rudy Bartolome

2. Visayas – Eugene Abarquez

3. Mindanao – Deneb Edoc

After the results were made known, Dodie called for the bidding of the 2007 MFPI Mid-Years President’s Meeting and 2008 Annual Congress.

Casper Bunuan of UPM presented an AVP for their hosting bid of the 2008 Annual Congress at Aurora, Quezon. When there were no other bidders, the bid of UPM was accepted.

After this proceeding, Mike Luis announced the serving of the dinner. Simultaneously, the Board of Trustees sat down and chose among themselves the officers of the MFPI for the year.

After dinner, Dodie announced the bid of Sang-at Salog Outdoor Club for the 2007 President’s meeting. When there were no other bidders, the bid of Sang-at Salug was accepted.

Roy Palma then announced the result of the BOT meeting. The Board unanimously approved a status quo in the leadership and thus, Regie Pablo was still retained as the President of the MFPI.

There being no other matters discussed, the Congress was adjourned at around 8:00PM and was followed by the Socials.

Prepared by:

Corporate Secretary

October 2005 Minutes

ON OCTOBER 21, 2005


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM and proceeded with the checking of the attendance. The following member and guest clubs/organizations and several regular members participated.
1. baktas msu
2. mt pangasugan trailblazers
3. la-ugan mountaineers
4. laya eco adventure team
5. normss efi
6. sandawa apo-cebu
7. tribu walog
8. cuernos de negros mountaineers club, inc.
9. Negros Mountaineering Club, Inc.
10. usc-m
11. cat-mama
12. outdoor outdicts
13. antique mountaineering society
14. coat
15. ustmc
16. mercy-ms
17. cebu mountaineering society
18. sierra trekkers
19. msu-mountaineering club
20. isarog mountaineering club
21. nu-loc, inc.
22. up outdoor recreation group
23. UP Mountaineers
24. Globe Adventure Club
25. Batanggas Backpackers MFPI-Visayas VP Randy Su gave the opening remarks.

Board Member and Membership Committee Head Manny Yu officially welcomed two new member clubs to the MFPI:
– MSU Mountaineering Club
– Isarog Mountaineering Club


MFPI Secretary Genesis Bolauro read the minutes of the 26th MFPI Congress held at Ozamis City on April 9, 2005.


MFPI President Regie Pablo gave an update on the developments at the MFPI, to wit:

1. The charting of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range that involves the development of a 600+ km. trail traversing nine Provinces. This project in now underway and is spearheaded by MFPI-Luzon VP, Dodie Principe. This is touted to be the Philippine equivalent of the Appalachian Trail. Hopefully, a project of the same magnitude will also be initiated in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions.

2. The MFPI is now an accredited partner of the ABS-CBN rescue operation. This is an offshoot of the efforts made by the MFPI during the Quezon, Infanta, Real etc. tragedy.

3. The MFPI was granted two million seedlings. However these could only be withdrawn with the approval of the DENR national office. Member clubs who wish to avail of the seedlings have to present a project study to be submitted to Dodie Principe who will facilitate it with the DENR national office.

4. Regie made a manifestitation that member clubs have to register at least 15 of its members because as per MFPI requirement, only SEC registered clubs will be recognized, and as per SEC regulation, any organization must have at least 15 members in order to be SEC registered.

This would clean the MFPI’s roster of clubs that are already inactive due to lack of members and/or encourage club members to pursue aggressive recruitment of members.

5. Regie Pablo encouraged the attendees to aim for greater heights and bigger peaks. Citing the achievements of Romy Garduche and the Philippine Mt. Everest expedition team, he said that the Filipino mountaineers have what it takes to do it

6. Regie lamented the fact that the officers and working committees of the MFPI are volunteers and do not receive compensation nor transportation allowances. This is the reason why sometimes some officers can not afford to attend MFPI gatherings. Moreover, they oftentimes have to spend their own money for certain projects and tasks.

He announced that the MFPI  are soliciting grants and pledges from various institutions with the aim of professionalizing the MFPI staff. In this manner, all those working for the MFPI will receive just compensation and be thus held accountable by the members.


Manny Seriña read his groups’ proposed amendments to the MFPI  By-laws in follow-up to the position paper they submitted in Ozamis. The proposed amendments would address the concerns they had stated in the position paper. The document was thereafter submitted to the Board and was accepted by Manny Yu.

After the document was submitted, Butch Sebastian called for a 5-minutes recess to allow all the participants to sit in and participate in the meeting saying that every member must be aware and has the right to know what is being discussed.

When the meeting has resumed, Butch Sebastian summarized the concerns of the position paper submitted in Ozamis into issues about:  1. representation; 2. control of funds; and, 3. voting rights. This was conformed to by Manny Seriña.

Butch Sebastian outlined what was discussed by the Board Members and Executive Committee during their meeting that morning which specifically addressed the three concerns. Among the measures arrived at in the meeting were the following:


The composition of the Board will be in such a manner that will have equal representation amongst the three Island Regions (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao). Hereon, the Board will have three members each coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to be voted by the general body of the Island Regions. However this will be implemented in stages so as not to disrupt the present set-up of the Board.


The disbursement of the MFPI funds remains with the Board. Board Members representing their Region should see to it that projects for their Region are amply funded. Either of the three Board Members representing their Region will have to submit an annual budget proposal to the Board for approval. Further either of the three Regional Board Members have the sole authority to approve and disburse funding for their area of jurisdiction which will be taken from the MFPI national treasury.


Individuals who have registered with the MFPI are still entitled to one vote each. However, individuals who belong to a member club automatically assigns that right to his club empowering the club President or Representative to vote on behalf of all his registered members. In this manner, the club may vote as a bloc ensuring that if and when a club has 200 registered members, the club gets 200 votes. On the other hand, if a club has one registered member, it gets one vote.

The abovementioned could be achieved and implemented without the need for the amendment of the Constitution and By-Laws. Butch explained that it is not a healthy exercise to always amend the By-Laws should we think of something new. It would set a bad precedent and would compromise the credibility of the Constitution and By-Laws which is a permanent document.

At present, the MFPI Secretary was tasked to make a draft of the said provisions and set up the mechanics for their implementation.

After his presentation, Butch Sebastian hotly contested a comment made by Manny Seriña that they have a hard time in Mindanao soliciting the P 200.00 individual registration fee citing the economic status of its members.

Butch said that to say so is an insult to the Mindanao members. He countered that the said amount is only equivalent to 200 text messages a year. He added that the said amount is not even realistic and should even be increased. Further, he challenged Manny to put up a federation that does not collect registration fee from its members.

Manny Yu detailed that of the P 200.00 registration fee, only P 90.00 goes to the MFPI treasury with the rest of the amount going the production of the ID and paying for the benefits that the individual is entitled to avail.

A concern from the body was raised regarding the confusion with the BMC and its instruction.

Regie Pablo explained that only accredited MFPI instructors could conduct BMC outside of their club. Instructions given by unaccredited instructors outside of their club shall not be recognized and credited. BMC instruction within the Club are honored and recognized regardless of who conducted the instruction.

The MFPI has established a Mountain Training Board upon which a new pool of instructors will be accredited to augment the present roster of instructors. The members of the Mountain Training Board were responsible for the drafting of the standardized BMC module which will be distributed to member clu bs soon. The training board
could be found at the website www. Eventually this pool will be expanded, given the resources, to finance the training and accreditation of instructors for all Provinces.

A query was raised regarding the screening of BMC applicants. This was answered by Butch Sebastian that all applications have to be accepted in good faith and we should never be prejudiced against an individual who intends to take the BMC.

Ramon Vidal made a comment that BMC instructors in Cebu conduct instructions for free when requested by a member club. However there are cases where clubs collect fees from the BMC participants without giving an honorarium to the said instructors. Butch Sebastian suggested that it is high time they should charge fees for their services.

MFPI-Luzon VP Dodie Principe extended an invitation to all member clubs that they are welcome to assist and volunteer in the Sierra Madre project. However, only food and transportation to and from Manila and project site will be provided. However the schedule of work is irregular and is dependent on the release of the funds from the project proponents.

There being no other matters discussed, the meeting was adjourned at around 3:30PM.

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Noted by:
Corp. Secretary

Approved by:

August 2005 Minutes

Pioneer Grill, Pioneer Centre, Mandaluyong City
August 3, 2005
7:00 pm


I. MEMCOM (Manny Yu)

– Advised that President’s report will be done at the tail end of the meeting since a joint statement will be made with Scapi President Julius Cortes who is on the way

– Reminder to delinquent clubs to settle their dues by Aug 15 extension of deadline. See attachments for Tarpaulin handover to paid clubs

– Paid clubs to submit logo in corel or jpeg format for tarpaulin printing

– Gen. Nakar tree planting project report held on July 21–24 & 30-31

– This marks the launch of The Sierra Madre Reforestation Program with Unesco Philippines. See attached file for full detail.

II. EDUCOM/MTB (Elmer Cabotage)

– BMC schedule announcement

– Special BMC to be conducted in SBMA & residence of nearby provinces

– August 13-14 – Sembrano climb by BMC group 12 & 13

– October – BMC Instructor LNT certification


– Changes in the qualification/requirement for MPFI SAR training application (must be a degree holder)

IV. WAYS & MEANS COM (Ice Morales)

– SOS for manual – volunteers will be included in the acknowledgement list (posterity)

– Invitation to submit cover design for the BMC manual

– Invitation to submit name & graphic design for the on-line store

– On-going invitation to look for advertisers for the BMC manual with incentives

V. VP LUZON (Manny Yu for Dodie Principe)

– On-going invitation to join the Sierra Madre Mapping project team.

– AVP of the Gen. Nakar tree planting project by UP ORG

– Outcome of the project


A. Invitation to join the tree planting project in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija on August 20-21, 2005 (Manny Yu)

– Open for volunteers w/ allowance for transport. (120 pax target)

– Post advertisement for the project on MFPI yahoogroups

B. Wawa Dam Access Development Issue (Regie Pablo & Julius Cortez)

– Private property after the hanging bridge-donation only

– Charged of 500 php for mountaineers & picnickers (dam, sanctuary)

– Go to Aling Norma before climbing

– Will try to talk or have a dialogue with the tourism council of Montalban to resolve this issue.

– The past MFPI presidents are having talks on how to address this issue about Wawa Montalban because MFPI are the ones who have developed the area

– A new site is being considered for development by the MFPI within Rizal area, *wait for further announcement

– Advisory : Members are advised to temporarily refrain from going to Wawa

C. Training certificate for all who have undergone BMC in cooperation with MFPI, PAPCI & SCAPI (Regie Pablo & Julius Cortez)

– Ask for a minimal fee on printing

– Will maintain a data base for their monitoring

– Inclusive on club & regular members

D. Handover of complementary tarpaulin with club names and logo to paid clubs (Regie Pablo)

– See attached file for the handover of tarpaulin to NWORC & UP-ORG

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

AVP for Gen Nakar Tree Planting Project was played throughout the remainder of the evening.

Prepared by: Thet Trajano
Checked and Approved by: Manny Yu


July 2005 Minutes

Pioneer Grill, Pioneer Centre, Mandaluyong City
July 06, 2005 7:00 pm

Meeting was call to order @ 9:00 p.m.

I. President’s Report (Regie Pablo)
Highlights: (Agenda)
A. MFPI – ABS CBN Disaster Management Workshop
– Training target date is August
– Preparation for calamities (PROTOCOLS)
– Will be open to club presidents, group heads and persons with authorities
– Will settle protocols regarding volunteers
– MFPI requested ABS CBN that the venue for the workshop will be as follows:
Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
Naga City
Cebu City
Bacolod City
Davao City
Cagayan De Oro City

B. FAMY Incident
– “Complaint against La Cobra Mountaineers”
– President’s position – issue should be resolved between the parties involved & MFPI can facilitate a dialogue
– Regie Pablo forwarded the “incident report to the owner of Storeshop
– MFPI E-groups – Regie Pablo stressed that the MFPI e-groups is a venue for individual opinions which doesn’t necessary reflect the opinion of MFPI group of officers.

* Ex president Butch Sebastian made a suggestion to create another mfpi e-group exclusively for MFPI club and regular members on top of the current “open” mfpi e-group.

II. Educom/MTB (Elmer Cabotage)

A. Announcement on modules for advance courses
– Sports climbing competition ( SCAPI )
– JEST Module (1K for transportation & course fee)
* will try to work out a lower rate for the module with SBMA
– LNT Instructor course scheduled in November ( Makiling Center )
– Other modules
1. Outdoor photography
2. Anthropology
3. Rock Climbing module (PAPCI)

B. BMC schedules (Mar Melendres)
–  BMC 13 – July 30-31
–  Orientation – July 28 (Thursday) Pioneer Grill

C. Issuance of certificate – for reproduction already
a. BMC Manual – publication on-going and will be provided for free for all MFPI affiliated clubs
– Coordination with SCAPI & PAPCI for 1 certification program
– Certificate will be controlled by MFPI & monitored by SCAPI & PAPCI
– ID numbers will be printed in each certificate
– Will be retroactive from the first BMC onwards

III. Mountain Safety Committee (Mark Murcia)

A. Update in Makulot incident
– Encouraging all MFPI members to file complaint right away if incidents like this happen
– The FED has no authority to blacklist any mountain as venues for climbs
– Self-defense subject (EDUCOM)

B. Volcanic activity in Mt. Kanlaon & Taal volcano

C. Changes in the qualifications / requirements for MFPI-SAR application (should be a degree holder)

D. Volunteers for disaster & relief operations

IV. Ways & Means Committee (Ice Morales)

– Business opportunity for potential Ways & Means Committee members (10% commission for every sponsors)

V. VP Luzon (Dodie Principe)

– Invitation for long-term volunteers to join the Sierra Madre Project
– Trail run was rescheduled (wait for further announcements to be posted in our Egroups)
– Invitation for volunteers for Gen.Nakar Rehabilitation Project
– July 21 – Foundation day of Gen. Nakar
– July 21-24 – tree nurturing & look for new water source
Concentration : (Agos river & Dingalan bay)
– Maximum volunteer headcount is 80pax. There will be provision for food and transportation. Those who will participate for the full 4 days (July 21-24) will be given priority
– All volunteers must be self-contained
* Deadline for confirmation – July 15
* Details will be posted in our Egroups
– The project is open for members & non-members



VI. MEMCOMM (Manny Yu)

– Reminder to settle membership dues
– Incentive for 2005 renewals & new member clubs
– Banner with club logos
*submit logos in COREL software instead of JPEG file for better resolution

VII. Other matters (Manny Yu)

– Congratulations to BMC group 11
* Project Title – “Kalinga sa Kalikasan, Tulong sa Dumagat”
Dated June 25-26,2005
75 participants
50 expected
– Congratulations also to Nestle’s Inakay and Fujitsu Outdoor Club initiated tree planting @ Makiling J.O.P. Special thanks to GAC and Regular Members who attended.
– DLSU-OC requesting for contact no’s of university base organizations (to be posted on MFPI yahoo groups) for their upcoming project.

Meeting was adjourned at 10 pm.

Prepared by: Thet Trajano
Checked  by: Manny Yu
Approved by: Regie Pablo

May 2005 Minutes

Pioneer Grill, Pioneer Center, Mandaluyong
May 4, 2005

Call to order @ 8:25 pm

I. Viewing of the Everest Team New Zealand Training Film Clips

II. Run down of the Agenda
a. President’s Report by Mr. Regie Pablo
i. Reforestation Program
· Reading materials and manuals from UNESCO & DENR were disseminated
· 2M available seedlings for tree planting activities
· Should be an endemic species
· Tree nourishing after 3 months of tree planting
· Environmental awareness – should be included in the BMC training
· Regie acknowledged the presence of two MFPI officers  – Yoyong Velasquez & Roy Palma

ii. Trail Maintenance Week
· 2002 – Established as International year of the mountain
· June 5-12 – (World Environment Day) National Trail Maintenance Week
· Tree planting
· Trail restoration
· Trail sign installation
· June 5 – Payatas tree planting activity
· All members and non-members are welcome to join
· Proposal:
a. Adopt a mountain and think of a particular activity in that area
b. To assign a committee to implement this program

iii. Sierra Madre Trail Project
· Two months to establish a trail
· Identify existing trail
· Environmental assessment

iv. Membership dues
· Payable during Ozamis Congress
· July 4, 2005 deadline for membership dues (by laws)

b. Education Committee/Mountain Training Board
i. Announcement of BMC schedules (Quarterly) by Mr. Elmer Cabotage:
· Second Quarter Courses EduCom MFPI

§ BMC – Luzon ( Manila )
Course Code : BMC 1
Orientation : May 18 / 7 pm @ the Pioneer Grill
Date : May 21-22
Venue : TBA
Instructor : Mr. Mar Melendres
Fee : Php 400.00
Contact Nos. : 0917 – 5259798
E-mail :

§ BMC – Visayas (Cebu City)
Course Code : BMC 1
Orientation : TBA
Date : TBA
Venue : TBA
Coordinator / Instructor : Mr. Randy Su
Fee :
Contact Nos. : 0917- 6262621
E-mail :

§ BMC – Mindanao (CDO)
Course Code : BMC 1
Orientation : TBA
Date : TBA
Venue : TBA
Coordinator / Instructor : Mr. Eric Bantuyan
Fee :
Contact Nos. : 0919 – 3435300
E-mail :

§ Introduction to Sport Climbing – Luzon (Manila)
Course Code : SC 1
Orientation : TBA
Date : TBA (6 sessions)
Venue : Power-ups, Pasig
Coordinator / Instructor : Mr. Elmer Cabotage
Fee :  450.00 inclusive of entrance & instruction for 6 sessions
Contact Nos. : 0918 – 9335241
E-mail :

§ Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST)
Course Code : JEST
Orientation : July 6
Date : July 8-10
Venue : JEST Subic, Zambales
Coordinator / Instructor : Mr. Elmer Cabotage
Fee :  TBA
Contact Nos. : 0918 – 9335241
E-mail :

Courses for the 3rd quarter 2005 (Tantative)
§ Course Code : I – LNT
Date : August 2005   (3 day program)
Venue : Makiling Center for Mountain Eco-System
Coordinator : Mr. Robbie Cereno
Fee : TBA

ii. MFPI Sportsfest – August – September
· Phil. Traditional Games

c. Membership Committee Report
i. Announcement of new subcommittee head  by Mr. Manny Yu – Mr. Dexter Casagnap – Regular Member Affairs

d. Mountain Safety Committee Report
i. MFPI Search & Rescue Team
· Open for registration for those who are interested
· Full time
ii. July is the National Disaster Consciousness Month
iii. Mountain safety program for club members
iv. Recruitment procedure for Search & Rescue team
v. Tap safety com for instructor
· ex. Water safety, etc
· visit for more details

e. Other Matters
i. One of the MFPI members ask for financial assistance in behalf of a fellow MFPI fire victim member
ii. Friendship Climb pre-climb by Batangas Backpackers & Fujitsu

Meeting Adjourned @ 9:15 pm

Viewing of the Everest Team New Zealand Training Film Clips

Prepared by: Thet Trajano
Checked by: Manny Yu
Approved by: Regie Pablo

April 2005 Minutes

Naomi’s Botanical Garden, Ozamis City, Misamis Occ.
April 9, 2005

14. UST-MC
15. UPM
16. CARE
17. CAT
18. DOME
20. GOLV
29. XU-AMS

The Congress was called to order at 3:30PM in the BMC session hall of the Naomi’s Botanical Garden with Rey Sumgaysay and Genesis Bolauro facilitating.

The Congress started with the reception and acknowledgment of three new member clubs to the MFPI namely: APU MALE and DAVEN, both Mindanao based organizations and PINAKBET of Ilocos Province. Likewise BAKTAS MSU submitted their application for MFPI membership.

Mr. Bolauro reminded the body of the April 30 deadline for the payment of the MFPI membership due. The membership due becomes due and payable without need of notice or demand on the said date. Delinquent clubs have 90 days to settle their due upon default thereof, otherwise they will be subjected to disciplinary sanction such as the termination of their membership.

Manny Yu, the Membership Committee Chairperson, gave the following update:


The Memcom has been actively coordinating with nationwide establishments to improve the benefits of cardholders in all three Regions. They are reviewing the current insurance policy with Sun Life of Canada for card-carrying members and are looking for a more competitive plan.

The new and improved MFPI homepage is now on its test run. New applicants could now fill out their membership profile online and pay the membership due through Globe’s G-Cash. Furthemore, members could also apply for their own email address.

Lastly and of great concern is the distribution of the ID’s. From hereon, the issuance and distribution of the ID’s will be regionalized and the VP will oversee the approval of the applications. This will ensure a faster and efficient ID distribution system.

Regie Pablo, the incumbent MFPI President, gave the update of the following MFPI Committees on behalf their respective Chairpersons:


The MFPI will soon launch its own Mountain Search and Rescue Team. It will select from among its ranks 30 qualified individuals who will undergo a nine-month long tedious training to be facilitated by experts. Adequate financial support and training facilities and equipments will be provided to the trainees. The core mission of this unit is to provide immediate rescue operation on mountain-related accidents and will also be deployed in situations that will need its assistance. This may include emergencies during typhoon, earthquake, flooding and other natural calamities.

The MFPI was able to deploy members in different areas of Eastern Luzon at the onset of the devastating landslide last December 2004. Such action was commended by different organizations, LGU’s and media outfits.

Unfortunately, two mountaineering related accidents in Mt. Halcon and Mt. Makiling resulted to the death of two mountaineers. This highlights the need for strict adherence to BMC.


The standardized Basic Mountaineering Course manual has been finalized. Along with this is the Assessment Process for Qualified Trainors.

These efforts have been made possible through the joint cooperation of the MFPI, Philippine Association of Professional Climbing Instructors and Sport Climbing Association of the Philippines. It should be noted that it is one thing to possess the skills and another to know how to effectively teach these skills.

A number of Seminars are slated to be conducted for the year which will include the following:

. Wilderness First Aid
. Search and Rescue Protocols for Outdoor Leaders
. Developing Environment projects workshop
. Advance Mountaineering Course
. BMC for PE instructors


The MFPI online store is now up and running although with still limited vendors. This project was conceptualized to provide members access to quality equipment and apparels at reasonable prices. It will also provide the MFPI with additional source of income.

The Committee is working on merchandising agreements with some suppliers to produce MFPI branded equipments and apparel.


The following environmental and socially relevant projects were conducted in 2004:

* Taal Volcano Island cleanup and signage installation
* Angat Dam watershed tree planting
* National Trail Maintenance Week
* San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Dumagat Community Medical Mission
* Running the Mountains’ Concern” fund raising fun run
* “Sagip Karunungan” a School Rehabilitation and Book Drive for Gen. Nakar, Quezon
* Girls Leadership Outdoor Workshop (GLOW) in Iloilo City


The 10th Mindanao Forum was hosted by KAPLAG last December 2004 in Gingoog City. The next Mindanao Forum will be hosted by SBAOC.

The 2nd Visayas Mountain Festival was held in Baybay, Leyte and was jointly hosted by NU-LOC and Mt. Pangasugan Trailblazers. It was able to produce a Manifesto expressing solidarity and unity of outdoor organizations in the Visayas Region.


The 1st Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition is spearheaded by former MFPI President Arturo Valdez. The team has already done training climbs in India and most recently in New Zealand. The project aims to put the first Filipino climber on top of Mt. Everest.

Romy Garduce, a member of the UPM, successfully summited Mt. Aconcagua last December 2004. The feat recognizes Romy as holding the record for the highest mountain climbed by a Filipino Mountaineer.


Manny Yu, The Membership Committee Head, has been tasked to oversee a Committee that will find a home for the MFPI. The MFPI was granted a container van that will be converted as its office. Eventually, Regional offices will also be developed.


The Sierra Madre Trail will soon be developed by MFPI in partnership with several NGO’s, PO’s and LGU’s. This project will involve the development of a 600+ kilometer trail that will traverse the nine Provinces covering the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.


The UNESCO through the Science and Technology Committee has provided two million seedlings to the MFPI. These seedlings will be withdrawn from DENR nurseries nationwide.


Mr. Pablo presented the unaudited financial statement of the MFPI as of April 9, 2005. The report did not accurately represent the financial status of the MFPI owing to the accounting and liquidation of some funds being held by Regional VP’s and Committee heads.

After Mr. Pablo’s presentation, the bidding for the hosting of the MFPI Congress and Mid-Year Presidents Meet was held. The bidding included the 2007 events to give host clubs ample time to prepare.

Determined bids for the 2006 Congress came from new member PINAKBET and veteran CUERNOS DE NEGROS MOUNTAINEERING CLUB (CNMCI).

CNMCI asked the body to consider Dumaguete with a “save Mt. Talinis Campaign.” Mt. Talinis is again being threatened by ecologically unsound development programs.

PINAKBET won the bid with the announcement that transportation to and from Manila and Ilocos Norte will be FREE. Priority will be given to the Mindanao and Visayas delegates.

CNMCI gallantly agreed to host the 2007 Congress and intends to make the Congress a sendoff to the Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition.

Mr. John Fortes of PALMC gave a commitment that delegates to the 2006 Congress in Ilocos will avail of a 20% discount on airfare from PAL. The 20% discount is the least that the delegates could expect for now, meaning the discount may be made even higher. He also attributed to the change of Management the failure of PAL to deliver its 50% airfare discount that the former committed at Subic for the Ozamis Congress.

For the Mid-Year Presidents Meet, the following bids were unopposed. CAMP CEBU in Camotes Island for 2005. Guardians of Lake Venado (GOLV) in Kidapawan for 2006.


2005 Mid-Year Presidents Meet /CAMP CEBU / Camotes Island
2006 Annual Congress /PINAKBET / Ilocos Norte
2006 Mid-Year Presidents Meet / GOLV / Kidapawan
2007 Annual Congress / CUERNOS / Dumaguete

After the bidding, the Congress proceeded with the election of three Board of Trustees with the expiration of the term of three Board Members.

Club representatives, card bearing members and proxy representatives submitted nine nominees for three board seats. The top three nominees who gained the most number of votes were declared winners and will thus sit on the MFPI Board for three years. The following were declared winners based on the number of votes. 1. Manny Yu; 2. Rey Sumgaysay; and, 3. Jovy Villareal

After the Election the floor was opened for other concerns. Many Seriña read a position paper adressed to the MFPI Board and signed by some individuals from Mindanao stipulating their concerns. After the verification of the paper and its signatories, Randy Su accepted the paper on behalf of the Board. Regie Pablo promised to take up the matter with the Board.

There being no other matter left to be discussed, the Congress was adjourned at around 7:00PM.

Prepared by:

Corporate Secretary

Approved by:


March 2005 Minutes

Minutes of MFPI Federation Meeting

Date :  March 9, 2005
Start:  8:15pm
End  :  9:30pm
Venue:  Pioneer Grill, Mandaluyong City


* President’s Update
* Federation Secretary Update
* Membership Committee Update
* Education Committee/Mountain Training Board Update
* VP for Visaya’s Report
* Others:


President’s Report by Regie Pablo:

Charting the Sierra Madre Trail

The MFPI has been tasked to be part  of a multi-sectoral project to develop the Sierra Madre Trail. This is a 600+ kms. of trail traversing Sierra Madre similar to the Appalachian Trail in the USA. It covers nine (9) provinces of Eastern Luzon spanning the Sierra Madre mountain range. The project is spearheaded by Miriam P.E.A.C.E. and supported by Conservation International. It involves the LGU’s of the covered provinces, PO’s, NGO’s and DOT, DENR and other concerned organizations. MFPI has been primarily tasked to develop the trail.

The United Nations (UN) grants 2 million seedlings to MFPI

The UNESCO has facilitated the granting of Two (2) million seedlings to MFPI. These seedlings can be secured nationwide from the nurseries of DENR. These are endemic species to the areas.

This development is in support of the tree planting project of UNESCO’s Commission on Science and Technology. A MOA is being drafted between MFPI, UNESCO and DENR. A guideline regarding this project will be released to the members of MFPI.

Mt. Halcon Update

Regie Pablo clarified that technically, nobody except the Mangyan community can ban any climbing activity in Mt. Halcon as it does not have any protective area status. The Mangyans are holders of CADC. However, he reiterated Dickie Acedera’s request to observe self restraint for the mean time in conducting any climbing activity in the area.

The recent incident that resulted in the death of a mountaineer has made it imperative that proper trail markings be conducted first. This is to avoid another incident in the mountain.


Regie Pablo recognized the presence of past president Fred Jamili and some Everest Team during the Fed meeting.

Federation Secretary’s update by Genesis Bolauro c/o Manny Yu

26th  MFPI Congress

Deadline for the submission of the online registration from is on Mar. 15 to avail of the 20% discount in registration fee.  Checkout the new updated site.

Election of 3 Board of Trustees

Election will be held during the 26th  MFPI Congress in Ozamis City on April 4-10.

The term of the following will expire but may be re-elected.

1. Rodney Benedicto
2. Joevy Sacare
3. JB Añonuevo

Those who wish to vote are reminded to bring their MFPI ID’s. Those who will not be able to join the Congress but still wish to vote may do so by proxy. Give the proxy form to designated representative attending the congress.

Mt. Kanlaon Update

Mt. Kanlaon is active and there is a real threat of volcanic eruption. The membership is warned that trekking is deemed unsafe and is therefore banned.

As an alternative, NMC has an invitational climb to Mt. Mandalagan during holy week.

Interested parties are requested to contact MFPI’s Federation Secretary, Mr. Genesis Bolauro via email: ama_dablam@lycos.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or mobile no. +639173006616.

Membership Committee Update by Manny Yu

New Benefits:

* 10% discount on all Island Souvenir outlets effective Apr. 1.

IT Initiatives:

* The membership is encouraged to fill-out the membership profile form in for all new applications as well as renewals. This is to build-up the membership database.

* Gerry Escala presented the new and improved MFPI Website which is currently on its test run.

* Maloy Apuhin discussed process of applying for email address of MFPI active cardholders.  Instructions to be posted shortly.

ID Processing:

* It has been agreed with Randy Su/MFPI Visayas VP that the ID printing for the VISMIN area will be decentralized in Cebu. They are currently looking for a printer. This aims to improve ID response time in Vismin.

Club Affairs:

* Club Membership Application and Dues. A reminder: deadline for MFPI club membership due is April 30. VisMin Clubs are advised to pay their due at the Congress.

Applicant clubs are advised to bring the following documents:

1. SEC Registration (photocopy)
2. Articles of Incorporation and by-laws (photocopy)
3. List of officers
4. Letter of Intent
5. Endorsement from two member clubs of good standing
6. Endorsement from Regional VP

All clubs are to ensure they have already complied the following requirements: BMC conducted by accredited MFPI instructor, Participation in three MFPI acitivities. Kindly show proof.

“Batangas Backpackers Friendship Climb”

Congratulations to Baba for the successful anniversary climb held at slopes and Bato-Bato peak of Mt. Lobo on Feb. 26-27, 2005.

IM Affairs:

“Oplan Sagip Karunungan”

Congratulations to the IM Group 8 of 2004 for the successful Book Drive and School Rehabilitation Project held in General Nakar, Quezon last March 05-6, 2005.

Education Committee/Mountain Training Board by Elmer Cabotage

BMC Schedule

Education Committee will conduct the MFPI Basic Mountaineering Course on March 19-20, 2005. Course instructor is Mr. Mar Melendres, Chairman of the Mountain Training Board.

AMC Update

Elmer Cabotage announced that an Advance Mountaineering Course (AMC) is being organized with Philippine Association of Professional Climbers Inc. (PAPCI) and Sports Climbing Association of the Philippines Inc. (SCAPI). Schedule to be announced later.

VP for Visaya’s Report by Randy Su c/o Manny Yu

2nd Visayas Mountain Festival (VMF)

Cheers to the excellent work of NU-LOC and Mt. Pangasugan Trailblazers and the able leadership of Randy Su (MFPI VP-Visayas)  for the successful hosting of the 2nd VMF held in Leyte on Feb. 24-26, 2005. 44 club representatives came up with a manifesto signifying the unity and solidarity of Visayas outdoorspeople regardless of affiliation. A first in the history of the MFPI. Contents of the manifesto will be published later.

Other Matters:

Fujitsu Outdoor Club (FOC) and Batangas Backpackers invite MFPI members and guests to their annual friendship climb to be held on Mt. Lobo’s Bato-Bato Peak on April 23-24. 2005.

Thereby no more matters to discuss, the meeting ended at 9:30 pm.

Prepared by: Manny Yu
Noted by: Regie Pablo