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From Hagahag: Updates on MFPI Luzon Summit

1st MFPI-Luzon Summit:
Camarines Sur (June 23-25, 2006)

A   C   T   I   V   I   T   I   E   S

Day 01

6:00AM    *Registration (Arrival of Guests)
6:30      Assembly (*Plaza Rizal, Naga City)
Welcome to Cam Sur!
7:30      **ETD for Consocep(Jump-off) /
Capitol (BaseCamp)
8:30      **Arrival @ Jump-off (Prep 4 trek) /
Falls Hopping
9:00      ETD Open-Trail (Cogonal Area)
-Snack Along the Trail
-Light to thick Forest
12:00PM   LUNCHBREAK (Pack-lunch)
12:30     Resume Trek
2:00      ETA-Mossy Forest
–ascent to the Summit
ETD – Summit
2:30      Start descent to Jump-off
6:00      ETD for Eco-Village, Capitol (BaseCamp);
Camp Overnight (Meeting-Forum,“Sosyals”)

Day 02

5:00AM    Wake-Up Call (Breakfast)
6:30      Prep 4 departure
7:00      ETD for Caramoan
-Jeep/Bus ride to Talisay Port
-Boat ride to Guijalo Port
10:00     ETA Caramoan (Courtesy Call)
11:00     ETD for Gota
12:00PM   LUNCHBREAK (Pack-lunch)
1:00      Walk Around town proper visit church
1:30      -Main Activity Proper (Orientation)
-Pitch Tent
Micro Mini Adventure Challenge, Trek and Caving,
Bask in the Beach
6:00      Camp overnight to Gota beach
-Kumurustahan & Sosyals (Dinner)

Day 03

7:00      Wake up call (Breakfast)
8:00      Island hoping:
Sabitang laya, Matukad, Lahos, Hunungan
12:00PM   LUNCH Break
12:00     Prep 4 departure
1:00      -ETD for Eco Village, Capitol
4:00      ETA-Eco Village, Capitol
-Pitch Tent, “Walk in the Park”
6:30      -MFPI Forum
-Closing Ceremony
-Hosted Dinner by HMCI

Notes and Reminders:

• Expect to be rained out during this Climb. Prepare for wet & cold trekking. Of your daypack is a must.
• There are long stretches of open trail. Bring a cap, sunglasses, lip balm & sun protection option in case the weather becomes sunny & hut
• Minimum water load to the summit is 2 liters
• Bring lots of trail foods

Other Details of the Activity

*Map to Plaza Rizal is in the next page

*Registration (reg. Fee breakdown)

P400- Member          P600- Non Member

Fare: Consocep-Caramoan-Capitol, ID, Certificate, Activity Kit,

Hosted dinner (day 3)

**- the Consocep 1-day hike to Patagpatag is for 25pax only!!!

– Aleternative activities/destination are Falls Hopping in the Consocep Mountain Resort, and Capitol Complex (BaseCamp)

Reminder: bring your own tent/hammock and mess kits.

Note: Trip to Caramoan and back to Sabang port may slide depending on the pace of the transportation service that would be using.

Special Trip Approximate Budget :

Php   150 – Transportation fare from Sabang to Guijalo Port

500 – Jeep Rental from guijalo port to Paniman and Vice versa

1,300 – Boat Rental for island hoping

Note: Eco Village, Capitol Complex Details

Telephone #: 63 (54) 477-5636 eco-village capitol

Cabin Prices:

350.00 – Cabin (electric fan)
550.00 – Cabin (aircon)

Thank You Very Much!!!

Have a safe trip!!!


Trainors Training / Trainors Accreditation Program

To all,

Thank you for your interest, one of the objectives of the Trainors Meeting in Bacolod in October 2003 during the Mid-year Federation is to address the need to establish a Standard Training program for mountaineers all over the country. Consequently we also have to address the need to develop a Trainors Training Program to facilitate the Basic Mountaineering Course.

The federation accredited 10 instructors to initially conduct the Standard BMC, we also identified other trainors from different mountaineering clubs to apprentice under any of the accredited instructors for evaluation and recommendation. So far, the Education Committee has accredited 2 from the Visayas (Eugene Abarquez and Nino Capangpangan who apprenticed under Randy Su).

Although we already have the Tropical Mountaineering Trainors Training Program it will require substantial resource to implement it. For the meantime we intend to conduct a “Trainors Accreditation Program” the details of which will be finalized in a meeting in Cebu this August. It is our plan to conduct the accreditation program in Davao this October.

For the meantime we have initially identified criteria for selecting participants for the accreditation program (Note: these requirements are not final).

a. Member of an MFPI accredited club in good standing
b. Has facilitated BMC training for the club within the past 2 years
c. Recommendation letter from the club president
d. Letter of intent from the participant
e. First Aid Certification (preferably from Red Cross)

The accreditation program is just the initial phase, successful participant will be assigned to go on apprenticeship (by conducting BMC in their clubs, other MFPI clubs and MFPI organized events) under an accredited instructor, until such time that they pass the final evaluation and henceforth recommendation and approval from the MFPI.

I hope I fueled your interest to pursue perhaps even a career in mountaineering, we intend to professionalize the field and plan to have the program accredited as a technical course by TESDA.

Best regards,

Elmer C. Cabotage
MFPI Education Committee

Update on Philtranco Discount

I’am please to annouce that the management of Philtranco allowed our discount to take effect on June 21-24, 2006. So ang 10% discount ay ok pa din pero sa Pasay lang ang biyahe nila. According to Ruth Dagandang -operation clerk sa Pasay lang available ang biyahe nila sa cubao daw kasi halo ang sumasakay bihira ang papuntang naga. mas maganda rin kung ganun kasi isang lugar lang mag-ipon ang punta ng luzon summit. ang sabi nila pwede daw tayo i-accomodate sa isang bus kung mapupuno natin.


Luzon Summit Update

Magandang Umaga sa lahat:

Kahapon lang namin natanggap ng hapon mga past 4pm ang message ng Hagahag Mountaineering Club na move ang 1st Luzon Summit. Ang bagong date according to them ay June 23-25,2006 para mas ma-accomodate raw tayo, libre ang transpo around cam sur. Pati dinner meals. I will email updates kung may new developments pa.

Sa Philtranco discounts naman makikipag-usap pa ako sa management kung pwede ilipat ang effectivity dates ng June 21-25, 2006. They are asking ng exact head counts ng mga taong sasakay para daw makapaghanda sila ng bus if ever madami ang sasakay. any comments about this? mas maganda kung yun 1 bus na aircon puro delegates ng Luzon summit sana ang sasakay. kaya ba natin itong punuin? I will give update about this rin. sana sa mga nagbabalak na sa phitranco sasakay. paki email ninyo ako para makuha ko ang head count. kasi kung kaya ang isang bus i will tell them. paki indicate kung sa pasay ba o sa cubao kayo sasakay.


1st Luzon Summit postponed for next week

Good afternoon to everyone:

1st Luzon summit ay postpone for next week. We got a call from Hagahag Mountaineering Club. Yun sa philtranco i will coordinate with them kung pwede next week ay ma-avail pa ang discount.

Confirm ko pa ang exact dates next week. May hindi maiiwasang pangyayari daw according to them…


MFPI EduCom Schedule of Actvities June-October 2006

Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc.
Education Committee
Schedule of Activities
June-October 2006

Basic Mountaineering Course – Luzon (Bicol)
June 9-11, 2006
Venue: Consocep Mountain Resort
Mt. Isarog/Luzon Summit
Facilitator: Mr. Mar Melendez
Contact: 0917-5259798

Basic Mountaineering Course- Vizayas (Cebu)
June 24-25, 2006
Venue: Cantabaco Spring Park, Lutopan Toledo
Instructor: Mr. Ramon Vidal- MGAP
Contact: Alan 0917-3353260; 412-2310

Introduction to Sport Climbing – Luzon
Prerequisite: Basic Mountaineering Course
June 26-30, 2006
Venue: Power-Up Pasig City
Facilitator: SCAPI
Contact: Elmer C. Cabotage

Basic Mountaineering Course- Luzon (Manila)
July 8-9, 2006
Orientation: July 5 – MFPI Monthly Meeting – Manila
Venue: TBA
Instructor: Elmer C. Cabotage
Contact: 0918-9335241 or email

Jungle Environment Survival Training
Prerequisite: Basic Mountaineering Course
August 12-13, 2006
Venue: JEST Subic Naval Base
Facilitator: JEST
Contact: Chris Mendez

Basic Mountaineering Course Mindanao (Kidapawan)
October – 3rd week (TBA)
Venue: Kidapawan MFPI Mid-year Congress
Contact: Jeovy Sacare / Elmer Cabotage

For your information.

Elmer C. Cabotage
MFPI Education Committee

To all MFPI Education Committee Members and BMC instructors nationwide, please send to my personal email official activities for coordinated posting in the e-group.

Projecting a “Truer” Picture of the Pinoy Mountaineer

The successful ascent of Leo, Erwin and Romy to the roof of the world this May 2006 undoubtedly created a widespread interest to mountain climbing both to the current crop of climbers and to the unitiated. Suddenly there is a surge of interest to alpine climbing which was then thought of as an exclusive domain of the westerners, Japanese, Koreans and Singaporeans. The focus of the two media networks on team and individual expeditions built up a hype which may have distorted the picture of a typical pinoy mountaineering. It is a race. It is expensive and can cost you an arm and a leg. Guides are vital and are key to the expedition. Anyone with resource can make it to the top. Success is met with recognition, failure with death.

Chiqui Roa-Puno’s talk show “In My Life” aired over ANC week of 29 May featured mountaineers from UPM, Pilipinas Sierra bounded what the pinoy mountaineer is. The guests, talking from their personal experiences revealed the formal and informal values that guide them and the distinct culture that appear to bind them even if they do not know each other.

A basic mountaineering course is a necessary foundation before one joins the group to a climb.
Harness is for scaling walls and is not necessarily brought in regular climbs. Shoes with good traction and hard sole are necessary. Mojos while popularly used are for certain terrains.
A backpack contains the essential kits to survive a climb: a mini kitchen to prepare food, a tent for shelter, food and water provision for the body fuel. It may not necessarily be huge.
Equipment can be shared. Women do not necessarily get special attention. They are treated as
equals. But inarte women (also men) are despised. You are responsible for your own self and should not pose as a burden to the rest of the group. Young and old do climb (from the teens to the 70’s). A climb requires preparation degree of which depends on the type of mountain.
Deeper relationships develop as one sees the core of each other going through difficult and fun moments. Some groups abort their climbs should a member falls out during the trek. There is such a thing as a point of no return where it is safer to complete the expedition than to descend.
It is more difficult to descend than to ascend. (The guests failed to mention through that there is less weight descending and one’s tired body recovers from a sound sleep.) Snakes are not a threat if you don’t provoke them but the mosquitoes are a bigger danger.
The highest is not necessarily the most difficult.

The host was apparently awed by the positive values she spotted from the mountaineers. If she had some climbing experience prior to the interview, it would have pushed her to ask, “Is the hardship during the trek all worth it? What happens at the campsite? Is there really a race to the top? What roles do the trekkers play in a group climb? Is there really rivalry? What drives you from climbing over and over?” An insight to these queries would have bounded further
what the pinoy mountaineer is.

The interesting talk was capped with the two sets of guests declaring that the successful ascent to the top of the world and their safe descent made the pinoy mountaineer proud. It was a validation though late that the pinoy with resources can. There is a pool of pinoy mountaineers with the strength, skills and attitude who too can make it to the summit of the world.

May 2006 opened the possibility that the summit of Mt. Everest is not an elusive dream for a serious Filipino mountaineer. Thank you Leo, Erwin and Romy for showing us. You gave us permission for putting your dreams in ours too.

tochs 6June06

Philtranco Discount

I am please to announce that PHILTRANCO gave us as 10% discount for our fare bound for Manila to Naga and vice versa both Aircon and Ordinary, for our upcoming 1st Luzon Summit to be held at Camarines Sur. Reserve your tikets at their branches at Cubao and Pasay. Just present your MFPI ID for their verifications. If there are any problems that would arise kindly look for the following persons Ms.  Ruth Dagandang Operation’s Clerk-Pasay Branch and Mr. Omar Valenzuela-Dispatch Cubao Branch.

See guys at the 1st Luzon Summit.

p.s. this good for mfpi members with mfpi ids that are not expired …..kindly pass it on.