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Minutes of the 27th MFPI Congress Climb

HELD ON APRIL 22, 2005
The meeting started at around 4:30PM with GENESIS G. BOLAURO and ALFREDO B. PRINCIPE presiding.

The following MFPI organizations were present during the roll call:

1. ADUMS                         11. NEGROS MOUNTAINEERING CLUB
2. AMOC                          12. NWORC
3. APU-MALE                      13. PALMC
4. CAMP                          14. PINAKBET
6. EARTH ISLAND                  16. SSOC
8. HALMS                         18. UPM
10. MESAU                        20. UST

After the roll call was finished, Mr. John Fortes inquired as to the necessity of calling the clubs when it was the individuals who compose the Congress.

Genesis replied that courtesy dictates that the clubs present be acknowledged considering that it was a required information in the registration form and ID’s.

After which Genesis proceeded with the reading of the minutes of the MFPI President’s meeting held at Camotes Island, Cebu on October 21, 2005.

After the reading of the minutes, John Fortes inquired of the need to approve the minutes. When replied with an affirmative, he moved to approve the minutes which was duly seconded by the body.

Mr. Fortes then inquired as to the status of the measures agreed on during the meeting in Camotes. Genesis replied that they will be implemented in stages and that the guidelines have yet to be finalized considering that some members of the committee are still out of the country, namely, Regie Pablo and Manny Yu.

Mr. Fortes then inquired whether Mr. Yu is in communication with the rest of the officers of the MFPI. Genesis replied that he is in constant communication with Mr. Yu through email and text messages.

After which, Ruby Estillore of the Membership Committee presented the new ID design and announced the members of the Committee per Region as:

1. Ruby Estillore – Luzon

2. Michelle Montenegro – Visayas

3. Alvin “Binoe” Tabamo – Mindanao

Thereafter, Luzon-VP Alfredo Principe invited everyone to avail of the free copy of the MFPI newsletter – COMPASS, which is being distributed and proceeded to discuss the following:

1. Sierra Madre rehabilitation project – He explained the dynamics and concerns of said project. He again invited interested  Clubs/Orgs to be part of the project.  Mr. John Fortes expressed their willingness to pitch in.

2. Luzon Summit – He announced the creation of the Luzon Summit which will be hosted by Hagahag Mountaineering Club on June 9-11, 2006 in Camarines Sur. Joyce Dulce of Isarog Mountaineering Club invited everyone to join the event.

3. Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor – Explained the role of MFPI as a stakeholder in the said project, which is headed by Miriam P.E.A.C.E.

4. He also gave an update on the on-going Rehabilitation and Buffer Zone program in General Nakar wherein MFPI members act as a work force.

After the report of Mr. Principe, Genesis called a representative from the PALMC to address the body:

1. Mr. John Fortes took the floor and apologized on behalf of the PALMC for the behavior of Mr. Tani Wenceslao during the Congress;

2. Tani Wenceslao followed and personally apologized for his actuations which caused inconvenience to the host and the participants.

After which, Mike Luis of the host club PINAKBET, took the floor and graciously accepted their apologies. He then announced the program for the night which consist of: cultural show, free dinner and performance by a local band. He also announced the scheduled departure of the free buses the following day.

Genesis then called for the submission of the proxy forms for verification and proceeded to give the guidelines for electing the Board of Trustees, to wit:

1. Those to be elected should represent Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

2. Only eligible regular members are allowed to vote.

3. Candidates shall be elected by the body at large.

After the guidelines was laid out, a question was posed whether those absent could be nominated. Genesis replied that this is permissible as long as the one who made the nomination could show proof that the nominee consents to the nomination.

Dom Goduco asked whether two people from the same club could be nominated. Genesis replied that there is no rule that prohibits this. Mr. Goduco then cited the case of their member, Elmer Cabotaje who was prohibited by their club after having endorsed another member, Rudy Bartolome, to run for the Board. Genesis replied that this is an inter-club matter and that the MFPI could not prevent a person from running as long as that person is eligible.

When there were no more questions raised, the table was opened for the nomination of the three Board of Trustees. Among those nominated were as follows:

1. Luzon – Rudy Bartolome of PALMC, Ely Cadang of SSOC and Elmer Cabotaje of PALMC.

2. Visayas – Eugene Abarquez of CAMP and Toto Antipaso of MPTAI

3. Mindanao – Only Deneb Edoc of AMOC was nominated.

Dom Goduco protested the nomination of Elmer Cabotaje saying that the latter is absent and thus it could not be ascertained whether he consents to the nomination. Genesis replied that he received an email from Mr. Cabotaje expressing his intention to be considered for the Board. After which Mr. Goduco expressed his objection. This was noted by Genesis but the nomination of Mr. Cabotaje was still sustained.

After the nomination, the candidates were given an opportunity to present their platform and program for the MFPI. Genesis then announced those in-charge of the election as: Yay Ortega and Ruby Estillore. He then called on for a five-minute break.

After the meeting was resumed, Genesis called for the submission of the ballots which was received by Yay Ortega and Ruby Estillore. After the table was closed, Board Member Roy Palma proceeded with the counting and tabulation of the ballots which resulted to the following winners:

1. Luzon – Rudy Bartolome

2. Visayas – Eugene Abarquez

3. Mindanao – Deneb Edoc

After the results were made known, Dodie called for the bidding of the 2007 MFPI Mid-Years President’s Meeting and 2008 Annual Congress.

Casper Bunuan of UPM presented an AVP for their hosting bid of the 2008 Annual Congress at Aurora, Quezon. When there were no other bidders, the bid of UPM was accepted.

After this proceeding, Mike Luis announced the serving of the dinner. Simultaneously, the Board of Trustees sat down and chose among themselves the officers of the MFPI for the year.

After dinner, Dodie announced the bid of Sang-at Salog Outdoor Club for the 2007 President’s meeting. When there were no other bidders, the bid of Sang-at Salug was accepted.

Roy Palma then announced the result of the BOT meeting. The Board unanimously approved a status quo in the leadership and thus, Regie Pablo was still retained as the President of the MFPI.

There being no other matters discussed, the Congress was adjourned at around 8:00PM and was followed by the Socials.

Prepared by:

Corporate Secretary


1st MFPI Luzon Summit


to the

1st MFPI Luzon Summit…

In Camarines Sur

It is with great pride that the Hagahag Mountaineering Club, Inc., announce the 1st ever Luzon summit. Once again, we bring Mountaineering federation of the Philippines, Inc. to an adventure-packed 3-day activity scheduled in the 2nd weekend of June 2006 at Mt. Isarog National Park coinciding the Trail Maintenance week.

This year, we return with an array of outdoor pursuit activities that would suit the cravings of challenge

Mt. Isarog

Climbing on Mt Isarog is both difficult and dangerous. Only those experienced and determined can accomplished this endeavor. How ever, one need not to perform this physical challenge to experience the glory of the rainforest of Isarog. It was declared as a National park through proclamation No. 293 on July 20, 1938 and encompasses a land area of 10.112 hectares. This remaining bastion of tropical rainforest in Southern Luzon was given a small reprieve from the rampant logging concession that had been going on for such a long time Thus preserving some of rich habitats and the existing flora and fauna in it. Sixteen (16) major river twist and turn through the valleys and gorges of this mountain and drain to three major river system, himoragat, Lagonoy and Bicol River System. These and several waterfalls that drape over the slopes of Isarog, has become such a lure to people, both local and foreign, for simple hikes or excursions to immerse themselves in the lush greenery of a tropical rainforest.

Following the easiest trail puts one into direct contact with variety of organism flourishing in this diverse forest. However, one has to be knowledgeable of the interaction between the different flora and fauna that abound in the forest to best appreciate them.

EcoVillage Resort

Just a few hour away from Manila, you’ll discover an enchating place_A fabulous array of nature at its best, remarkable man-made structures as well as eye-capturing topsides attraction: All this in a relaxed, laidback village atmosphere without the congestion of other destination.

How To Get There

From any Point in the Philippines, you can reach Mt Isarog by Land or by air.

From: You can take a 8 hour drive going to provincial capitol Complex or if you opt for a Naga bound aircraft would be 45-55 minutes. The nearest airport is located in San jose, Pili Camarines Sur.

The Basecamp may be reached by taking a bus/jeepney or a PUJ from CBD Terminal for an hour ride to Brgy Hanawan in Ocampo. At the hanawan crossing get off at the bus then ride a pedicab leading to Mt Isarog Consocep Mountain Resort. From there, you can go down the cool Tumaguiti Falls or Bulalacao Falls or proceeds with your trek to the Basecamp.

Side Trip


Is a peninsula town at the establishment tip of Camarines Sur in the Bicol region, facing the great Pacific Ocean. Dubbed as “Paradise in the Pacific”. It is replete with tremendoud and beautiful fruits of nature that have remained untapped for centuries in utter needless waste for its people. Caramoan is the Bicol best kept Secret, its landscape and vegetation is as pristine as Palawan.

Mt. Iriga

Rising 4,823 feet Above sea Level, Mt. Iriga ias a challenging climb and offers a panoramic view of the entire Bicol River Basin Area. A crater and gully was formed during the mountains last eruption on January 4, 1614. The crater drops to some 500 feet from the summit.

Checklist of Satisfaction:

• Basecamp Area and Activities
• Treking
• Water sport
• Spelungking
• Local Government Support
• Presence of Local Partner

For more information, visit