We see a Philippine mountaineering community aware of both their right and duty to be responsible mountaineers.

* with a desire to climb complemented by a commitment to the preservation of mountain ecosystems
* with a sense of adventure tempered by a due regard for safety
* whose enjoyment of the climb is bounded by a healthy respect and sensitivity for fellow mountaineers and the local communities they encounter.


The MFPI shall promote responsible mountaineering by setting standards for climbing behavior ensuring:

* our commitment to the preservation of mountain ecosystems
* the development of skills necessary for the safe enjoyment of climbing
* a healthy respect for fellow mountaineers and local communities

Towards this end, we shall:

* ensure the mountaineers’ right to climb
* conduct studies on the effects of climbing on mountain ecosystems
* keep abreast of developments in the field of mountaineering
* educate and train mountaineers
* establish and maintain links with various local and international groups to advocate and propagate the practice of responsible mountaineering.

  1. Reconstructing as far as I can remember.

    Does it call for a revisit already?

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