national congress update


Trekking Activity:
The Pataan-Guintubdan and Guintubdan-Guintubdan routes are already closed. The Mapot route is reserved for Cebu and Mindanao members and applicants until Feb. 14, 2011 only after which the route will be opened to non-members. The Tubidiao Ridge is reserved exclusively for MFPI members and sponsors. Members in good standing (meaning those who have paid their dues) have until February 14, 2011 to book for the route. after which, it will be opened to applicant clubs and delinquent members provided that they pay their dues payable to their respective Regional officers prior to booking for the climb.

BMC Trainors Accreditation:
This is open to members who aspire to be BMC trainors. Those who have been conducting BMC within their clubs or have been assisting BMC instructions are encouraged to sign up for the program.

Basecamp participants who wish that the event t-shirt is of their exact size have to make representation with the Congress Secretariat not later than February 14, 2011 so that their sizes will be reserved.

For inquiries please get in touch with the Congress Secretariat at


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