2011 annual congress

this is to fomally announce the 2011 annual congress to be held in Sitio Guintubdan, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental on april 27-30, 2011. the event will be hosted by the Negros Mountaineering Club, Inc. and will involve the following major activities:1. mountain climbing

a. mt. kanlaon (three routes at 9 persons per route)

mambukal – guintubdan traverse: 3 days
kanlaon city – guintubdan traverse: 2 days
guintubdan – guintubdan: 2 days

b. Upaw ridge – 30 climbers background: upaw is a newly opened peak at the vicinity of mt. kanlaon. it has several interesting features but you have to see the pictures that will soon be posted in order to really appreciate it. this is not recommended for beginners or weekend warriors. this is virgin territory and will be closed for climbing after the annual congress to preserve its pristine state.

2. BMC instructors trainingthis activity is intended to train and accredit new BMC instructors to augment the present pool of instructors of the fed. slots will be limited to two delegates per club and the delegates must have a recommendation letter from their club president in order to be admitted as applicant. applicants will undergo a 3-days instructors training course.

as is expected, the basecamp activities will be interesting and fun. the annual congress shall coincide with the Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota City and basecamp delegates will be treated to the salsa beat of the La Carlota drumbeaters among others. we shall also hold a fun run for the running enthusiasts.

in respect to the drive of the MFPI to give benefit to its members in good standing, preference on the climbs shall be given only to members who have paid their dues for the year 2010. they will be give a lead time to register. pre-registration for the climbs shall commence on december so if by that time the maximum number of climbers is reached then the registration for the mountain climbing activity shall be closed.

Obviously the instructors training is exclusive only to the MFPI members and preference shall also be given to paid members. but the acceptance of applications shall be done on a later date so that will give clubs more time to get in touch with their respective VP’s to pay their dues.

more details will follow. as of the meantime, please note the dates so that you could have it booked on your calendar.


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