to all luzon mfpi club and regular members, re: annual membership dues

to all luzon mfpi member clubs and regular members:


please be reminded once again that the deadline for the payment of your annual club membership dues to the mfpi will be at the end of october, 2010. as of this date, only 3 clubs have settled their dues, to wit: TMZ, GEO and NWORC.

payment for the said dues in the amount of two thousand pesos can be coursed through the mfpi secretary, shey guttierez (09175138003).

please be reminded further that all arrears (dues) have been waived by the national board and executive commitee, as promulgated on may 22, 2010 in guimaras. this is to give way for the 100% compliance of all clubs, nationwide. likewise, regular members are also covered by this promulgation. the preceding matter was announced last june during our mfpi luzon summit. as a token of appreciation for those clubs and regular members who can beat the deadline, the host clubs of the upcoming midyear congress in tiwi, albay, agreed that the registration for paid clubs or RM’s will be 350 pesos. clubs or RM’s who haven’t settled their obligations yet will be charged 500 pesos.

furthermore, for those apprehensive to pay their respective membership dues because of uncertainties as to the identity and status of the mfpi, the articles of incorporation and by laws are already for submission to the SEC pending the completion of the signatures of the new incorporators. the renewal of the registration to the SEC is expected to be complied with within this month. yes my friends, mfpi still exists and always was!

finally, for clubs who will fail to facilitate their payments for dues on the prescribed date, i would like to quote our president, genesis bolauro: “should you fail to comply with this directive after the deadline, the officers have agreed to “de-friend” you and your club in our facebook accounts.”

thank you very much and see you all on Oct. 27-31 in tiwi!

roy palma
MFPI VP-luzon


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