Bayanihan sa Kanawan MFPI IM Batch 21 Project

Hi Everyone,

Please support our project. Thanks!!!

Project Scope:

At the jump-off of Kairukan Falls is the humble community village of Sitio Kanawan.  Although Kairukan Falls generates interest from many mountain climbers, the village is in need of support both in generating income as well as education.

The project is two fold:

* Renovation of two bathrooms – to provide a clean and functional bathroom in order to generate income from visitors.
– One bowl is broken – need to replace
– Other bowl to be cleaned
– Needs piping for water
– Lighting
– Extension of flooring just outside the bathroom
– Education & School Supplies – to promote education and provide adequate materials for the children of the community’s school.
* School needing books, supplies, etc.

It is our aim to establish a sustainable program/project that deals with the community’s needs as well as aids them in being self-sustaining and self-sufficient.

We hope you join us in supporting the community of Sitio Kanawan.


Sitio Kanawan


May 5-6, 2007


Php 600.00

Included in Project:

– Project Scope (construction & education track)
– T-shirt
– ID
– Certificate
– Guide fee for climb to Kairukan falls
– Two-way transportation from Olongappo to Sitio Kanawan


Monday, April 23, 2007

* NO PRE-CLIMB – NO CLIMB implemented


Please fill up the attached registration form and bring it to the Pre-climb along with the registration fee of Php 600.00


Lloyd Grad –
Arnel (Jr) Amador – 

Arneljr. (ATMC, Batch21)


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