Luzon Summit

To all MFPI Mountaineering Clubs:

PAL Mountaineering Club will host the 2nd Luzon Summit on April 1- 7, 2007.  This will be held at the Cordilleras.  We have developed the Bontoc Circuit where different teams shall be formed and will use different routes.  Trails are the ones used by the locals since pre-hispanic time. On the last day of the trek (4days) all teams shall converge and spend overnight at Sagada.  The following day,  we will motor to Bontoc and participate in the Lang-ay Festival.  We are official guests of Mt Province.  During Lang-ay, all the different tribes that comprise the Mt Province shall meet in Bontoc for cultural presentations.  This is a very colorful event. Itinerary shall be posted later.  While we are not yet accepting reservations, those interested may mark these dates in their calendar or signify their interest thru email.

Costings shall be published as well.  Once we reach the ideal number of participants (manageable number) so as preserve the trails,  we will close the registration.

this is open to all MFPI registered mountaineering Clubs of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Thank you.

John Fortes

Please pass around


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