Mt. Makiling is Temporary Close for Trekkers/Bikers

From: Fujitsu Outdoor Club
Subject: [mfpi] Mt. Makiling is Temporary Close for Trekkers/Bikers
To All,

We would like to inform everyone that Mt. Makiling is temporary close to Trekkers and Bikers. This is declared by the UPLB Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (UPLB-MCME) due to damages on Los Baños and Sto. Tomas Trail brought by Typhoon Milenyo. Trekkers and bikers are not allowed to enter beyond the Registration Area of MCME, as there are dangers of falling trees/branches including land slides due to loose soil. The trail starting from the Agila Base up to Peak 2 down to Sto. Tomas trail has suffered massive landslides.

MCME Foresters have reported that there was a flash flood from Mt. Makiling that happened during the height of typhoon which swept 6 houses and killed 14 persons at Brgy. Bagong Silang (near the Bay – Los Baños Boundary). Mt. Makiling is now under assessment of Geologists.

MCME Foresters have forecasted that it will take months to restore the trail and they will announce as soon as the mountain is safe for trekking and biking.

Kindly relay this announcement to others groups.

Thank you,
Allan Nortez
Fujitsu Outdoor Club


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