2nd MFPI Skills Olympics

2nd MFPI Skills Olympics November 25-26, 2006.
Eco-Tourism Park, San Jose, Tarlac.

MFPI and U.P. Outdoor Recreation Group (up org) would like to invite you once again for another fun-filled event where-in teams from school, corporate based clubs/orgs to test their skills amongst fellow mountaineer. And we also would like to encourage our regular members to form their own eleven (11) person team.

Our venue will be our base camp and tent area. Existing wash and comfort rooms, picnic benches and ihawan portion will be made available for all. The lanai will serve as our awarding and concert area.

Day-hike to nearby mountains and hillside, tour around the park and water-based activities will be made available for guests and non-participating members.

1. The event is open to all MFPI members.
2. Each team will be composed of eleven (11) members. No limit to the no. of team entries per club/org and regular member group.
3. The skills Olympic team event will have seven (7) categories and shall be called individual events. Team members will be designated to the ff:

a. Stove Operation, one (1) team representative
b. Ropemanship, one (1) team representative
c. Tent-pitching, one (1) team representative
d. Search and Rescue, four (4) team representatives
e. Orienteering, two (2) team representatives
f. Climbathon, one (1) team representative
g. Cook-fest, one (1) team representative

*** Speed climbing event – Tentative.

The team with the most points earned in the individual event will be declared over-all champion. Individual awards will also be given to winning participants.

1. Each team will have a team manager; this person will represent the team during orientation and meetings.
2. Last day for the submission of entry will be on November 9, 2006.
3. Participants’ orientation and marshals briefing on November 9, 2006 8:30pm Pioneer Grill, Pioneer Street, Manda.
4. Mechanics will also be provided on the said orientation date.
5. No registration fee. No cash prizes as of yet, except for give-away.

Transportation: Tarlac city to eco-park, San Jose v.v., also around the park area will be provided by the Province of Tarlac.

Transportation from manila to Tarlac city; php127.00 – 147.00 one-way (cost estimate).

We hope to see there.

Thank you,
Alfredo Principe
VP – Luzon, Mfpi


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