August 2006 Minutes


1. New partnership and endeavor
MFPI is partnering with Bantay Kalikasan for a signature campaign to turn La Mesa Waterdam a protected area.  the endeavor is in need of 5M signatures, currently…it only has 100,000.

let us help in this campaign.

2. Member benefits

Columbia – 15% discount for cash purchases but only on store that are inside malls, just present your updated MFPI ID

Med Central – the official medical provider of the Everest Team is now also the official medical provider of MFPI. They are giving a discounted rate for general checkup as well as specialized needs. exact figures will be posted soon

the second skills olympics is here!! November 25-26 in san jose, tarlac.  please reserve this weekend!!

the events are: orienteering; stove handling; tent pitching; first aid; climb-a-thon…and something else i forgot. exact IT and list of events will be posted soon

for those who have contacts with sponsors, please let me know and i will provide you with the marketing papers

4. BMC Manual
is for printing already

5. Certificates
MFPI will facilitate printing already

Prepared by:
Ice Morales


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