28th MFPI Presidents Meeting & Mid-Year Climb

Basement 2, PAATSDD Office, Provincial Capitol Grandstand,
Amas, Kidapawan City
TelFax: (064) 278-7053

August 9, 2006

Dear Fellow Mountaineers;

Allows Kew!

There are few places in the Philippines where the magic of rapturous beauty is still to be found. One of this is Mt. Apo, It name itself refers to the native address APO which means “Master or Grandfather”. Because of its varied features which as earned its title  “The King of the Philippine Mountains”,  a volcanic peak, a dead crater, a towering rags & cliffs, a smoke emitting vents & a rocky face mountain  towering at 10,311 ft. asl & with its attractive terrain, various flora & fauna added to its  vast tract land & water with the area of 72,226 hectares of rainforest.

It is with great privilege that the Guardians of Lake Venado (GOLV) after hosting the 8th Mindanao Forum & Climb facing again new challenges, the 28th MFPI Presidents Meeting & Mid-year Climb dated on October 27-30, 2006 at Mt. APO.

The carrying capacity of each trail is good for 200 person  and has two (2) options: Option 1: Agco (Kidapawan)  Trail and Option 2: Bongolanon (Magpet) Trail. “First Come, First Serve basis only… No reservation… Others may join the Basic Mountaineering Course which is to be identified later…

Agco (Kidapawan) Trail – Most of the climbers start their conquest here.  The first campsite to the peak via this trail. Trek & be captivated by exotic display of nature at its best – lush tropical forest dotted with hot & cold springs, boiling mountain lakes, hidden waterfalls cascading with thunderous roar, sulfur craters, rare flora & fauna at this soul refreshing entry point – truly an exceptional display of nature in its primeval state. Experience also the thrills of log balancing and river crossing.

Bongolanon (Magpet) Trail – Frolic as you trek up rugged hills & venture the thrills of this trail. Appreciate the pristine beauty of this campsite, the adventure resort of fantastic, cascading concrete – like boulder waterfalls, and the panoramic view of its riverpool. Probe yourself in the water and condition to climb the euphoric high of conquering Mt. Apo.

Come & Visit…. The new North Cotabato…

For more info contact:

Mr. Nonoy R. Fuentes
CP #: 09185084981

Teody C. Maglunob
CP #: 09208232567

Website: http://www.geocities.com/guardiansoflakevenado
Email: guardiansoflakevenado@yahoo.com


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