MFPI EduCom Schedule of Actvities June-October 2006

Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc.
Education Committee
Schedule of Activities
June-October 2006

Basic Mountaineering Course – Luzon (Bicol)
June 9-11, 2006
Venue: Consocep Mountain Resort
Mt. Isarog/Luzon Summit
Facilitator: Mr. Mar Melendez
Contact: 0917-5259798

Basic Mountaineering Course- Vizayas (Cebu)
June 24-25, 2006
Venue: Cantabaco Spring Park, Lutopan Toledo
Instructor: Mr. Ramon Vidal- MGAP
Contact: Alan 0917-3353260; 412-2310

Introduction to Sport Climbing – Luzon
Prerequisite: Basic Mountaineering Course
June 26-30, 2006
Venue: Power-Up Pasig City
Facilitator: SCAPI
Contact: Elmer C. Cabotage

Basic Mountaineering Course- Luzon (Manila)
July 8-9, 2006
Orientation: July 5 – MFPI Monthly Meeting – Manila
Venue: TBA
Instructor: Elmer C. Cabotage
Contact: 0918-9335241 or email

Jungle Environment Survival Training
Prerequisite: Basic Mountaineering Course
August 12-13, 2006
Venue: JEST Subic Naval Base
Facilitator: JEST
Contact: Chris Mendez

Basic Mountaineering Course Mindanao (Kidapawan)
October – 3rd week (TBA)
Venue: Kidapawan MFPI Mid-year Congress
Contact: Jeovy Sacare / Elmer Cabotage

For your information.

Elmer C. Cabotage
MFPI Education Committee

To all MFPI Education Committee Members and BMC instructors nationwide, please send to my personal email official activities for coordinated posting in the e-group.


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