October 2005 Minutes

ON OCTOBER 21, 2005


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM and proceeded with the checking of the attendance. The following member and guest clubs/organizations and several regular members participated.
1. baktas msu
2. mt pangasugan trailblazers
3. la-ugan mountaineers
4. laya eco adventure team
5. normss efi
6. sandawa apo-cebu
7. tribu walog
8. cuernos de negros mountaineers club, inc.
9. Negros Mountaineering Club, Inc.
10. usc-m
11. cat-mama
12. outdoor outdicts
13. antique mountaineering society
14. coat
15. ustmc
16. mercy-ms
17. cebu mountaineering society
18. sierra trekkers
19. msu-mountaineering club
20. isarog mountaineering club
21. nu-loc, inc.
22. up outdoor recreation group
23. UP Mountaineers
24. Globe Adventure Club
25. Batanggas Backpackers MFPI-Visayas VP Randy Su gave the opening remarks.

Board Member and Membership Committee Head Manny Yu officially welcomed two new member clubs to the MFPI:
– MSU Mountaineering Club
– Isarog Mountaineering Club


MFPI Secretary Genesis Bolauro read the minutes of the 26th MFPI Congress held at Ozamis City on April 9, 2005.


MFPI President Regie Pablo gave an update on the developments at the MFPI, to wit:

1. The charting of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range that involves the development of a 600+ km. trail traversing nine Provinces. This project in now underway and is spearheaded by MFPI-Luzon VP, Dodie Principe. This is touted to be the Philippine equivalent of the Appalachian Trail. Hopefully, a project of the same magnitude will also be initiated in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions.

2. The MFPI is now an accredited partner of the ABS-CBN rescue operation. This is an offshoot of the efforts made by the MFPI during the Quezon, Infanta, Real etc. tragedy.

3. The MFPI was granted two million seedlings. However these could only be withdrawn with the approval of the DENR national office. Member clubs who wish to avail of the seedlings have to present a project study to be submitted to Dodie Principe who will facilitate it with the DENR national office.

4. Regie made a manifestitation that member clubs have to register at least 15 of its members because as per MFPI requirement, only SEC registered clubs will be recognized, and as per SEC regulation, any organization must have at least 15 members in order to be SEC registered.

This would clean the MFPI’s roster of clubs that are already inactive due to lack of members and/or encourage club members to pursue aggressive recruitment of members.

5. Regie Pablo encouraged the attendees to aim for greater heights and bigger peaks. Citing the achievements of Romy Garduche and the Philippine Mt. Everest expedition team, he said that the Filipino mountaineers have what it takes to do it

6. Regie lamented the fact that the officers and working committees of the MFPI are volunteers and do not receive compensation nor transportation allowances. This is the reason why sometimes some officers can not afford to attend MFPI gatherings. Moreover, they oftentimes have to spend their own money for certain projects and tasks.

He announced that the MFPI  are soliciting grants and pledges from various institutions with the aim of professionalizing the MFPI staff. In this manner, all those working for the MFPI will receive just compensation and be thus held accountable by the members.


Manny Seriña read his groups’ proposed amendments to the MFPI  By-laws in follow-up to the position paper they submitted in Ozamis. The proposed amendments would address the concerns they had stated in the position paper. The document was thereafter submitted to the Board and was accepted by Manny Yu.

After the document was submitted, Butch Sebastian called for a 5-minutes recess to allow all the participants to sit in and participate in the meeting saying that every member must be aware and has the right to know what is being discussed.

When the meeting has resumed, Butch Sebastian summarized the concerns of the position paper submitted in Ozamis into issues about:  1. representation; 2. control of funds; and, 3. voting rights. This was conformed to by Manny Seriña.

Butch Sebastian outlined what was discussed by the Board Members and Executive Committee during their meeting that morning which specifically addressed the three concerns. Among the measures arrived at in the meeting were the following:


The composition of the Board will be in such a manner that will have equal representation amongst the three Island Regions (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao). Hereon, the Board will have three members each coming from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to be voted by the general body of the Island Regions. However this will be implemented in stages so as not to disrupt the present set-up of the Board.


The disbursement of the MFPI funds remains with the Board. Board Members representing their Region should see to it that projects for their Region are amply funded. Either of the three Board Members representing their Region will have to submit an annual budget proposal to the Board for approval. Further either of the three Regional Board Members have the sole authority to approve and disburse funding for their area of jurisdiction which will be taken from the MFPI national treasury.


Individuals who have registered with the MFPI are still entitled to one vote each. However, individuals who belong to a member club automatically assigns that right to his club empowering the club President or Representative to vote on behalf of all his registered members. In this manner, the club may vote as a bloc ensuring that if and when a club has 200 registered members, the club gets 200 votes. On the other hand, if a club has one registered member, it gets one vote.

The abovementioned could be achieved and implemented without the need for the amendment of the Constitution and By-Laws. Butch explained that it is not a healthy exercise to always amend the By-Laws should we think of something new. It would set a bad precedent and would compromise the credibility of the Constitution and By-Laws which is a permanent document.

At present, the MFPI Secretary was tasked to make a draft of the said provisions and set up the mechanics for their implementation.

After his presentation, Butch Sebastian hotly contested a comment made by Manny Seriña that they have a hard time in Mindanao soliciting the P 200.00 individual registration fee citing the economic status of its members.

Butch said that to say so is an insult to the Mindanao members. He countered that the said amount is only equivalent to 200 text messages a year. He added that the said amount is not even realistic and should even be increased. Further, he challenged Manny to put up a federation that does not collect registration fee from its members.

Manny Yu detailed that of the P 200.00 registration fee, only P 90.00 goes to the MFPI treasury with the rest of the amount going the production of the ID and paying for the benefits that the individual is entitled to avail.

A concern from the body was raised regarding the confusion with the BMC and its instruction.

Regie Pablo explained that only accredited MFPI instructors could conduct BMC outside of their club. Instructions given by unaccredited instructors outside of their club shall not be recognized and credited. BMC instruction within the Club are honored and recognized regardless of who conducted the instruction.

The MFPI has established a Mountain Training Board upon which a new pool of instructors will be accredited to augment the present roster of instructors. The members of the Mountain Training Board were responsible for the drafting of the standardized BMC module which will be distributed to member clu bs soon. The training board
could be found at the website www. mfpi.org. Eventually this pool will be expanded, given the resources, to finance the training and accreditation of instructors for all Provinces.

A query was raised regarding the screening of BMC applicants. This was answered by Butch Sebastian that all applications have to be accepted in good faith and we should never be prejudiced against an individual who intends to take the BMC.

Ramon Vidal made a comment that BMC instructors in Cebu conduct instructions for free when requested by a member club. However there are cases where clubs collect fees from the BMC participants without giving an honorarium to the said instructors. Butch Sebastian suggested that it is high time they should charge fees for their services.

MFPI-Luzon VP Dodie Principe extended an invitation to all member clubs that they are welcome to assist and volunteer in the Sierra Madre project. However, only food and transportation to and from Manila and project site will be provided. However the schedule of work is irregular and is dependent on the release of the funds from the project proponents.

There being no other matters discussed, the meeting was adjourned at around 3:30PM.

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Corp. Secretary

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