Bangon Silangan

Concept Paper

Pagkatapos ng mga unos na sumalanta sa mga lalawigan ng Silangang Luzon

Bangon Silangan!

Pagdiriwang ng Pagbabalik ng Buhay at Kabuhayan

(Celebration of Rebuilding Lives and Livelihoods)


In commemoration of the World Earth Day on 22 April 2005, Oxfam organizes the Bangon Silangan! festival in Infanta, Quezon. The festival will provide a venue for people from Metro Manila and communities from the typhoon-devastated areas in Quezon and Aurora to gather, interact and celebrate our joint efforts to rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

Although held in Infanta where a town feast is also celebrated in the same weekend, Oxfam broadens the reach of the festival’s participation to include Real, Gen. Nakar and the affected towns of Aurora.


1. Revive public awareness on the continuing humanitarian situation in the typhoon-affected areas and the specific impact the typhoons have had on people’s livelihoods

2. Raise public consciousness on how environmental abuse and degradation creates hazards and magnifies the vulnerability of people

Description of Activities

Earth day exhibit and trade fair

· Local people and visitors view exhibits showcasing various agencies’ projects in the area; guests buy food, crafts, produce and products sold by local people

· Target: at least 6 aid agencies to put-up information booths/exhibits and activities (medical missions, distribution of goods – this must be pre-arranged with the beneficiary communities, others); at least 6 local traders, trader’s cooperative or local agencies to showcase their livelihood and other programs and sell local products

· Exhibits may be put-up inside the classrooms or at the school ground of the Infanta Central Elementary School

· Exhibitors will register and coordinate with Oxfam and/or the local sponsors (Infanta Local Government and the Infanta Prelature – to be confirmed)

· Local organizations and local governments will be contacted to assist in identifying local exhibitors and in inviting communities to the fair

Seeds and Farm Fair

· Pre-identified beneficiary families troop to the school grounds with their vouchers to purchase seeds and farm tools

· Organizers of the seeds fair will contract traders to supply the farm seeds and tools to beneficiaries in exchange for the vouchers

· Department of Agriculture experts will be available to advice local beneficiaries of the compatible seeds for their farms based on soil assessments

· Traders will also be able to sell seeds and tools at a discount to non-beneficiary locals

Relief goods collection

· Local sponsors will set up booths to collect donations and goods brought by visitors upon registration for the fair and entrance to view the exhibits and other festivities

· Local sponsors will be responsible for inventory, warehousing and distribution of goods on a later date

Bangon Silangan! Concert

· Two-hour environment-themed concert by Noel Cabangon, with the Makiling Ensemble and the SIKAT Theater Group, a youth theater group from Infanta

· Includes multi-media presentations with images before and after the disaster, footages of emergency responses and present conditions

· Local launch of the Infanta coffee table book, produced by the Bank of the Philippine Islands Foundation

Exposure and Immersion Program

· Visitors from Manila and outside the province will be invited to join the Earth Day Fair, the concert and the immersion program on April 22-23; the program will be marketed to various NGOs, offices and organizations as an alternative summer out-of-town activity in celebration of Earth Day and in support of the people of Quezon and Aurora provinces

· Visitors will register through the Pagan Nomads, a private alternative tourism agency that will organize the logistics of the tour and connect (and register) the participants with the local sponsor of the fair

· Visitors are offered a menu of immersion programs to choose from for the April 23 activity and will be hosted by local organizations contacted by Pagan Nomads

· Visitors are required to bring relief goods to be given to the organizer for distribution


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